Damp treatment for retail space in London’s South Belgravia


Client: Bastows

Project Size: Basement – Internal Storage – 391.81 sq ft, Ground – Retail Zone – 345 sq ft

Products Used:  Plaster Render, Tanking – 3 Coats, Plaster Set, Flexi Wall Joint

Belgravia has its own look, and style, with the white townhouses being the most iconic visual part of the entire area. Amongst traditional townhouses, there are also penthouses and other modern properties that have been added over the years. Nestled in-between almost 300 high-end boutiques and restaurants in the heart of Londons South Belgravia, 58 Elizabeth Street is a prominent corner retail unit within the village setting in central London.

Our London waterproofing team were called out to carry out a damp survey as our client was concerned about the plaster coming away from the wall in the corridors and vaults and the brown watermarks that had started to appear.

Did you know?

Ebury Street in Belgravia was home to famous composer Mozart and it is here that he composed his first-ever symphony in 1764 at the age of eight.

Timberwise London discovered that the existing render within the underground storage vaults had evidence of small holes on the ceiling meaning that previously a damp proof course (DPC) had been installed, this had subsequently cracked and failed and had been re-bonded over time as a makeshift repair.

Through the use of an electronic moisture meter, it was possible to identify the levels of dampness in the basement. Through profiling of the wall, high moisture readings were obtained. Watermarks were also visible at approximately 1 meter, indicating that there was damp proofing work carried out previously. With the evidence of high water marks, salt readings and an ineffective DPC, Timberwise were able to accurately confirm the presence of rising damp.


Damp Proofing

Timberwise DriWisetm diffuses before curing to develop a continual water-repellent resin which helps to stop dampness from rising up the wall. The chance of fluid leaking into neighbouring properties is also heavily reduced as there is no pressure used through the injection process. Timberwise DriWisetm has been approved by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) and along with a 20-year guarantee to give complete peace of mind.

Timberwise recommended the installation of our unique rising damp treatment, DriWise within the walls of the basement and for a DPC slurry to be applied on the vaulted ceilings. All the existing plaster was hacked off and a 3:1 fine washed sand and cement render was applied, two further coats of slurry were then also applied. The second coat was only applied to the ceiling once the first coat had cured.

The waterproof render then had a splatter coat applied, this consisted of fine washed sand and cement render which also contained a plasticiser. To apply the final finish thickness a fine washed sand and cement render coat, a salt inhibitor, plasticiser and waterproofing agent was applied. The Walls were then skimmed using a multi-finish to provide a smooth decorative finish.

Mesh Membrane

Finally, an EML (Expanded Metal Lathing) mesh was secured to the underside of the corridor ceiling. This provided a key for the slurry and plaster to go to ensure that it held to the wall. The benefits of using slurry tanking are that it prevents the lateral movement of moisture through the wall fabric. As opposed to other waterproofing systems such as Type C waterproofing where cavity membrane is applied to the walls by using slurry you don’t lose any thickness or use up space. Perfect for this client who uses the underground vaults as storage.

Another benefit is that slurry tanking causes minimal disruption to the clients day to day business. A damp proof course was also injected directly into the first horizontal mortar joint in the basement walls on the lower ground floor.


Through the use of a combination of damp proofing systems, the client was left with a dry basement area protected from dampness. Having worked completed the project on time and within budget, the client was very happy with the successfully completed basement damp proofing – paving the way for them to use the newly dry space as they see fit.

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