Domestic dewatering in Lichfield


Surrounded by unspoilt countryside and just north of the industrial city of Birmingham lies Lichfield, a cathedral city and civil parish in Staffordshire.
The city centre retains its Georgian charm while delivering contemporary shopping and restaurants for its residents. A stones throw away from Beacon Park in the city centre lies a traditional character property which was in need of basement waterproofing to create a dry storage area.

The customer knew Timberwise were experts in the waterproofing of basements and vaults, so were confident that Timberwise were able to create the extra dry space they needed. The property is a two storey domestic house. From the ground floor, solid brick steps lead to the cellar where a flood had previously occurred due to a utility service failure. The basement itself is constructed of traditional brick, with an arched ceiling below the front room of the property; there was no evidence of any previous waterproofing. The basement benefitted from a large radiator and power supplies allowing the space to be utilised for storage.

The Waterproofing Solution Methodology

The desired outcome of the project was that the customer was left with a dry storage space, so in accordance the current British Standard – BS8102:2009 “The Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground” – a cavity drainage system was recommended as the most reliable and robust waterproofing system for the job.

Cavity Drain Membrane

This particular solution was perfect for the customer as it prevents any running water or vapour from entering the basement so ensuring that all internal wall and floor finishes remain dry in the future. Timberwise installed the cavity drain membrane with specially patented fixings, the fixings had gasket seals to ensure that the membrane remains “sealed” and would not let moisture through. The cavity drainage membrane and perimeter drainage directs any free flowing water to a TripleSafe, sump and pump system which then pumps away excess water to a nearby ground level drain.


The TripleSafe pumping station forms the heart of the Type C waterproofing system. The sump pump stands in a hole which is dug in the lowest part of the basement. As the chamber fills with water, the pumps float switches are triggered and activate the pumps.

This pumping station has many unique features such as the special pump stands (which keep the pumps off the bottom of the sump chamber away from silt that may clog the pump), the warning alarm (that sounds in the event of failure or rising of water), and the sealed lid (for safety).  The pumps themselves have heavy duty poly-coated cast iron casings each with a large diameter discharge pipe. Also included is a battery backup pump and heavy duty battery which activates should there be a power failure. As the name suggests the TripleSafe benefits from having 3 pumps.


Timberwise provided a 10-year guarantee for both product and workmanship, offering the customer real “peace-of-mind” for the basement waterproofing system.

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