Dry rot in an old shoe shop


Timberwise South West were called to an old shoe shop in Wellington, Somerset to determine the presence and extent of problems associated with dampness.

Our Findings

Inspection to the rear of the building confirmed the presence of damp due to damage to the wall plaster. The first and second floors also showed evidence of penetrating damp around the window sills and skirting boards.D

During inspection of the ground floor walls for dampness Timberwise Surveyor, Tom Dear, noticed a fungal growth on left wall towards the rear of the shop.

Further inspection of the first floor confirmed that the growth had spread under the floor of the kitchen and into the window sill of the rear left room. It was not possible to determine the full extent of the outbreak on the initial visit due to the need to remove panels to access the cellar and lift floors above. A second visit with a technician was therefore arranged.

Our Solution

Before the Timberwise team were able to start treatment, a series of preparatory works were undertaken by the customer this included removing all plumbing, electrical items, kitchen cupboards and white goods where treatment was to take place.

As the existing timber staircase to the cellar was decaying and crumbling away it was deemed unsafe to work from, this was also removed at the start of the works.

Timberwise technicians then removed the existing wood panelling, timber studwork and carpet tiles to the ground floor and removed all plaster from the walls on the ground floor, first floor and in the cellar. All plaster was removed from the walls on the ground floor, first floor and in the cellar, at least 1m in every direction from the last evidence of dry rot.

Once exposed all joists were inspected, paying particular attention to the joist bearing ends. Joists coming into contact with the dry rot were cut back by 1.2m and new timber bolted on and set into the wall. This then allowed the technicians to clean away and dispose of all organic fungus material and treat walls and remaining timbers with a fungicidal fluid.

All floorboards on the ground floor were lifted and replaced with a new moisture resistant chipboard floor and the floorboards on the first floor where lifted for the fungicide treatment of the joists beneath. The skirting boards were replaced by Timberwise and a third party window fitter inspected the first floor rear left room window and replaced as required.

To offer peace of mind to the customer all work carried out benefited with a Timberwise 20 year guarantee.

 This old shoe shop has been empty for a while. A builder had been employed just weeks before Timberwise were called out, to ‘get rid of a rotten ceiling panel’ …. he failed to notice the whole ceiling was filled with dry rot! It goes to show the importance of using certified members of the Property Care Association with industry recognised qualifications. As a member of the PCA, our customer knew Timberwise would deliver the highest standards of professionalism with a quality service

Tom Dear , Surveyor CSRT CSSW

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