Timberwise join £3.5 million project entitled ‘Search Engine’

Client: The National Railway Museum at York

Products Used: ThermalDry® DryTrak®


The National Railway Museum at York is a museum that forms part of the British Science Museum Group telling the story of rail transport in Britain and its impact on society.

As part of a £ 3.5 million project entitled ‘Search Engine’, the museum was scheduled to undergo extensive building works to the offices, stores and galleries to create a brand new suite of environmentally controlled archive stores, public library and archive centre making previously unseen treasures accessible to the public for the first time.

The archive stores were to protect the valuable archives of the museum (which in total weigh over 180 tonnes) as the stores were below ground, the museum needed the waterproofing expertise of Timberwise.

The Waterproofing Design Methodology

With the room to be used as an archive the waterproofing solution also had to comply with BS8102 Grade 4 which requires a totally dry environment. Timberwise designed and installed a waterproofing solution that consists of ThermalDry wall membrane and DryTrak® drainage channel. The ThermalDry membrane that was used is an advanced membrane system that is mechanically fixed to the basement wall. This then provides a protective underlay for plaster boarding. The membrane is fixed to the wall by barbed spike fixings that form a mechanical grip deep in the substrate. These fixings use a sealant to maintain the waterproof properties of the waterproofing system. Due to the construction of the floor slab a traditional sunken drainage channel could not be fitted. The base of the DryTrak drainage channel was sealed to the basement slab floor with a special epoxy adhesive, in this instance, any water was then directed to two external drain points.

Commercial Waterproofing Design from the experts

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