Protecting a buy to let investment in Liverpool from damp for years to come


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Situated in South Liverpool and a stone’s throw away from the cities three universities, Wavertree makes for the perfect location to purchase a buy to let property. Having already carried out works on their previous properties Timberwise North West were called upon to examine a customer’s latest investment. The property in question is a traditional pre-war end terrace home and the customer had particular concerns around rising damp and possible woodworm infestation in the floorboards and roof timbers.

Did you know?

Originally built between 1716-17, Bluecoat Chambers is the oldest building in Liverpool’s city centre. After receiving substantial damage during the Blitz, several restoration projects took place throughout 1951 to return it to its former glory. The Grade I listed building is now the oldest art centre in the country and reopened in 2008 to coincide with Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture.


Timberwise North West was concerned as the surface drains were blocked with garden debris and running water had started to back up to form a pool around the primitive walls. There was also no evidence of a damp proofing course (DPC) between the adjacent garden wall which abutted the building, allowing moisture to penetrate directly from the brick wall through to the internal walls of the house.

The rainwater goods were in particularly poor condition and in some cases missing altogether, subfloor ventilation was provided by three air vents however these were blocked. Vegetation was growing around the chimney stack and further, on the gable end wall, various bricks were spalling.

The property was left locked and empty for a long period of time and when Timberwise entered the property there was evidence of issues with both condensation and timber defects due to a lack of ventilation. Although the roof void appeared free from rot and infestation, there was a visible beam of light peering through the roof where roof tiles had slipped away. These needed to be addressed by the prospective owner to ensure that there was no untoward ingress of water through into the roof space.

 It’s always a pleasure to be able to take a property, such as this,  that has been neglected over the years, make it habitable and to ensure the life and well-being of the structure. Regrettably, there are many private rented properties that are not in a good state of repair and it was very refreshing to see a prospective landlord take a very ethical view to ensure prospective future tenants were not subjected to an unacceptable standard of living

Sarah Haslam, Surveyor CSRT CSSW

Internally downstairs, around the living room bay window, the original floor lino had been peeled back to reveal that the timbers underneath had been previously replaced. As there was no evidence of a damp proofing course (DPC) and blocked airbricks preventing ventilation around the property, the plaster was badly affected by hygroscopic salts as a result of rising damp.

As a precautionary measure,  all exposed timber was sprayed with an insecticidal spray and the number of subfloor air vents were increased to ensure a free-flowing passage of air through the property which would, in time, alleviate the condensation.

To control rising damp, Timberwise Technicians installed a DriWise damp proofing system to the walls, this was imperative to allow for a clean and healthy living environment for prospective tenants. The DriWise damp proofing course is approved by the GPI and benefits from our own 20-year guarantee so the client can feel rest assured their investment is protected for years to come. After the works, the property was then redecorated and furnished as student accommodation offering the highest level of quality, sophistication, luxury and comfort to the occupants.

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It is vital to correctly identify the damp problem you have so that the correct damp proofing solution can be put in place for your property. To correctly determine the form of damp treatment required, we recommend a Damp and Timber report from one of our qualified damp specialists.

Timberwise has over 5 decades of experience in identifying and providing solutions to damp using techniques such as a damp proof course. For peace of mind that your problem is rectified, call our experts today on 0800 288 8660 or click below to arrange a damp survey online.

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