Repairing Wet Rot damage for Greater Manchester Police

Background to Case Study

Earlier this month, Timberwise were instructed to carry out an intrusive damp and timber report for the Greater Manchester Police (GMP). Timberwise were specifically asked to investigate approximately 21 timber windows to the end elevation of the GMP building. At our initial contact with the GMP, it was highlighted that several of the windows were suffering from various levels of wet rot and in need of repair.

During the survey, the extent of the fungal decay became more apparent. The survey revealed a severe outbreak of wet rot within the neighbouring timbers surrounding the window, this was mainly a result of; defective rainwater goods, inadequate window beadings and lack of routine maintenance. The combination of these defects, allowed surface water to penetrate the fabric of the building over a period of several years.  As the moisture levels built up within the timbers it created the perfect conditions for wet rot growth to germinate.

Our experts found several parts within the roof section that also needed to be treated, along with several timbers that needed to be replaced due to the extent of the decay within the timber. Our knowledgeable North West Surveyor, Robert Pool, identified that many of the window beadings were in need of replacement as they were allowing water to penetrate behind the glass causing wet rot to the window frames.

This was a fantastic opportunity to use the latest timber repair techniques. It’s a good job our technician Stuart Hankinson has a head for heights!”

Robert Pool, North West Surveyor

Our solutions for this wet rot problem

Through the use of a powered access platform, Timberwise were able to provide a safe, modern and cost-effective way of working at height. For each section of the windows that needed attention, remedial works were carried out that complied with the customers future plans for the building. Due to the severe nature of the damage, a considerable amount of repair work was needed to rectify the devastating effect of the wood rot. The repairs that Timberwise carried out were a combination of replacing timbers and resin repairs, this entailed applying a layer of Dry Flex resin to the bottom rails and frames of the windows.  Additionally, any defected timbers that had decayed were cut back and replaced with treated timbers to match existing timbers.

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