Structural Repairs for a domestic property in Kent


Our team of specialists in Kent were asked to survey a property that appeared to be suffering from an external masonry crack. The property concerned was an end terraced house of brick construction. Structural repairs are one area of home maintenance that should not go unchecked as the longer the problem is left the greater the risk of further damage occurring to the property.

When carrying out the inspection of the property it was confirmed that there was a vertical crack to the masonry that carried up through to the first-floor level to the rear elevation of the building. The existing external render was of a hard, well-bonded nature either side of the exposed crack. Structural repairs are one area of property maintenance areas that should not go unchecked. The longer problems are left the greater the risk to further damage to the property.


In order to repair the crack, helical steel bars would be set in the resin at a minimum of 300mm either side of the exposed crack to “stitch” the crack together. The wall surface is then re-rendered to match the existing render. This type of repair provides a cost-effective and often non-disruptive solution for remedial masonry stabilisation.

Where masonry has cracked and failed as a result of ground movement, weathering or increasing loads and stress the maintenance solutions employed by Timberwise provide stress-free, bed joint re-enforcement which ties the masonry together whilst creating deep masonry beams which distribute the structural loads.

The longer problems are left the greater the risk to further damage to the property, it’s a good job we’re here to restore this property to its former glory! ”

Timberwise Structural Specialist


All works were completed on time, within budget and the owner’s of the property commented that they were extremely pleased with the works and would recommend Timberwise to others for their property preservation needs without hesitation.

Need help with structural repairs?

If you suspect you have a structural problem in need of repair contact your local Timberwise team on 0800 288 8660 for advice or to arrange a survey or to ascertain what repair is right for your property. Alternatively, complete the  on-line survey request form to arrange a surveyor to visit your property. For further information on structural repairs visit our structural repairs page.

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