Timber repairs for a historic property in Derbyshire

Client: PFD Construction

Products Used: Timber Resin


Sutton Scarsdale is a tiny village in Derbyshire and is well known for being the home to 18th-century mansion Sutton Scarsdale Hall, the ruins of which lie on the hilltop overlooking the village.

The property has been roofless since 1919, but the exterior and many of the interior walls still stand to their full height. Now cared for by English Heritage, the original interiors were dismantled and shipped to the United States, where they can be seen in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Surrounding Sutton Scarsdale Hall is a list of contemporary listed walled gardens and buildings, such as a 17th-century building known as the Old Priory. The Old Priory is a sandstone building with a slate roof and was purchased to be renovated into a family home; the current owners were looking to make their dreams of further family living space a reality until they discovered decay on the truss ends in the roof.

Timberwise were instructed to inspect the two truss ends and one purlin end to the lower loft area of the property; this was carried out with the client’s structural engineer present, who specified the removal of both ends of the truss and the installation of two new ends.

At the time of the inspection, Timberwise identified an active infestation of both deathwatch beetle and common furniture beetle. The infestation had caused damage and subsequently affected the truss ends. Deathwatch beetle is a type of woodworm beetle.

The timber made up the double truss system that was supporting the roof of this family home, although an unusual setup for this type of property if the owners were to ignore the damage to the timber they risked their family’s safety if the roof was to collapse. Timberwise needed to restore the existing trusses to maintain the buildings structural integrity, a complete replacement of the support structure was not an option.

Did you know?

As the Old Priory Sutton sits on the grounds of Scarsdale Hall, back in the day it served as a bakehouse for the Hall.


Before Timberwise’s arrival, the client ensured the truss was propped to the solid ground floor and that roof tiles were removed to gain access. Timberwise timber specialists removed the affected timber areas and treated the remaining timber with an insecticide to stop another woodworm infestation.

Timberwise then installed timber resin splice bonds with reinforcement rods. By using timber resin and reinforcement rods, this allowed the repair of structural timbers without the expense or disruption of replacing the whole timber support.

Timberwise Technicians then created a section to match the decayed area that was previously removed. This new section was then joined to the original wood using steel rods bonded to the timber, the section was made up of oak and then stained to match the surrounding wood. Timberwise then installed new truss ends, returning the structural integrity to the beams and giving the client a cost-effective solution.

It was important for the props to be installed before Timberwise’s arrival as they had to stay in situ for two weeks after the installation of the new truss ends for the resins to cure. The solution was perfect for this historic building, as much of the original timber, walls and ceiling plaster surrounding the affected area was retained.


When the works were completed, the resin repairs left the beams and trusses in a safe and stable condition. The vast majority of the original timber was retained so well that to the untrained eye; no one would be unable to detect the repairs. The customer was then able to create the further living space they had dreamed off. Timber repairs must be carried out by a professional, and this versatile system was able to provide the customer with fast and durable timber repairs thanks to the in the skilled hands of our Technicians.

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