Removing a slice of timber decay for well known restaurant chain in Peterborough


The Pizza Hut story started in the UK in 1973 with the opening of their first restaurant. Now over 30 years later they have over 700 restaurants in the UK and employ more than 20,000 people. Timberwise became involved with Pizza Hut when we were contacted by a team of structural engineers in Birmingham to advise on a solution for a timber decay problem at the Pizza Hut restaurant in Peterborough.

The unusual construction of the building has its roots in North American design with 6 huge timber ‘A’ frames providing the main structure for the building. The timbers which measure are 650mm x 180mm are made from 14 sections of softwood laminated together to form the large sections of timber. In recent years wet rot decay had been found in several of the exposed beam ends which are exposed to the elements of the British weather. At the time seven of the twelve exposed beam ends had been repaired by a local contractor but sadly the wet rot had returned.


The brief from Pizza Hut was simple: remove the existing wet rot and eliminate the risk of further fungal decay attacking the beams in the future. When wet rot occurs in timber beam and truss ends it requires extensive opening up and works to replace the timber and “bolt-on” steel plates. Timberwise formed a new substantial resin extension that would use steel bars and resin to create the bond between the existing wood and the extension.

By using the resin, Timberwise were able to create an effective, permanent and virtually unaltered finish to the timbers. The legs were cut back in a difficult and time-consuming operation to allow the solid resin extensions to be fixed into the position.


Despite the removal and refixing of the glazed frontage, the outlet continued trading with minimum disturbance. The end result is that the building benefits from having sympathetically restored timbers to the exterior and that the new resin engineered struts will ensure that the ‘A’ frames will be kept decay free and in good condition for years to come.

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