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Can High Temperatures Kill Mould?

31 May 2023

After the cold weather and the high cost of living and energy that the UK has been forced to put up with, there are plenty...

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Why Humidity Is a Problem for Your House and How Can It Be Controlled?

29 September 2021

In our latest article, we explain what humidity is, why high and low humidity levels are bad for your house and what can be done...

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How to Ventilate Your House?

28 September 2021

Every single property in Scotland, England, and Wales sits in the shadow of condensation – a by-product of everyday life that if left untreated and...

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Does Opening Windows Reduce Damp?

17 August 2021

During both the summer and winter months of the year windows can mist up. One of the main reasons for this happening is that your...

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Out with the old in with the new – Basement Waterproofing System Installation

13 January 2014

The Timberwise team in Chester were contacted by a home-owner who had suffered from a failed cavity drainage membrane, as a result of the alarm on the...

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Radon Gas Advice – Keeping your family safe and sound

9 March 2010

Did you know that you are exposed to Radon Gas everyday? Did you also know that your home could be harbouring this odorless killer and...

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