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Materials used for waterproofing

27 January 2020

The definition of “waterproofing in buildings” is the use of materials applied to surfaces such as foundations, roofs, walls and other structural members of the...

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What is combination waterproofing?

7 August 2019

At Timberwise we have 50 years of experience in providing interior and external waterproofing solutions throughout the UK. We design and implement waterproofing systems in...

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The role of a Waterproofing Design Specialist

31 July 2019

When designing a waterproofing system for a basement there is one key document that needs to be adhered to – BS 8102 – The code...

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What’s the difference between basement tanking and basement waterproofing?

17 July 2018

For most people, a basement is just an old, musty storage space for your office where the Christmas tree, stationary or archived files live, however,...

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What’s the difference between a cellar and a basement?

23 April 2018

Here at Timberwise, we always actively listen to our customers, we know it’s the only way we can improve the quality of the service we...

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The Guide To Basement Conversions

6 March 2015

We often get asked a whole load of questions regarding basement waterproofing, so we thought it was a good idea to put together a blog...

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Our 5 Dream Basement Conversions

26 February 2015

Unlike building outwards and upwards, basement conversions are far more flexible; providing home owners with a vast range of opportunities to make their property better...

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Out with the old in with the new – Basement Waterproofing System Installation

13 January 2014

The Timberwise team in Chester were contacted by a home-owner who had suffered from a failed cavity drainage membrane, as a result of the alarm on the...

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Looking for some ideas on what to do with that damp basement? Look no further!

9 March 2011

To help fuel your imagination on what you can do with your basement we have designed our ‘Timberwise 3D Basement Solutions’  package to give you...

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Basement Waterproofing in London

8 September 2009

Over the years Timberwise has been called upon to carry a large number of waterproofing projects from all sizes of venue. For this project our...

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