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Can The Weather Make Condensation Worse?

20 February 2024

Condensation is a problem that plenty of the people in the UK face on a daily basis, and it can be made worse when the...

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Is Black Mould Harmful to Pets?

19 December 2023

Mould and damp are common problems in the UK, and naturally as a nation of pet-loving people, we can get concerned that common property care...

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Can Frost Kill Mould?

12 December 2023

The weather is, as ever, one of the chief talking points throughout the UK, and when the weather turns sour, with snow, frost, or otherwise...

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How To Control Condensation on Single Glazed Windows

5 December 2023

There are plenty of properties through the UK that feature single glazed windows, and for one reason or another, the owners are either hesitant or...

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How To Stop Condensation in a Flat

21 September 2023

We often talk about how condensation effects a property on this site, and there are plenty of different pages looking at how condensation can spread...

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Can High Temperatures Kill Mould?

31 May 2023

After the cold weather and the high cost of living and energy that the UK has been forced to put up with, there are plenty...

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Do I Need a Dehumidifier in My Basement?

24 January 2023

If you have a basement then you are probably going to be invested in making sure that it stays in top condition year round. This...

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Cheap Ways To Reduce Condensation In Your Home

30 June 2022

Right now everyone living in Britain is deep within a cost of living crisis, only set to get worse as time goes on. It spells...

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How to Prevent Condensation Occurring in Your House?

7 December 2021

Condensation is a common problem amongst households across the UK but there are simple measures to help prevent condensation from occurring in your house. No...

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Why Does Condensation Get Worse in Winter?

23 November 2021

Condensation is one of the leading causes of damp and black mould in properties in the UK, and it seems that every year when the...

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