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Top tips to keep your home warm and ventilated

7 October 2013

It is that time of year again when we should be pulling on the woolly jumpers, hats, scarfs and gloves to keep warm and getting...

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Musty smell? Mould may be lurking in your home

12 September 2013

Musty odours are a very common issue in a number of households; however a majority of home owners are unaware of exactly what the cause...

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Condensation problems in double glazing

12 November 2012

The sight of condensation within a double glazed window unit is usually a sign that there is an issue with the sealed unit of the windows. Put...

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Controlling condensation and mould in a cellar

12 October 2011

When a pub in the North West had a problem with condensation and mould growth in their cellar the specialist air quality team at Timberwise...

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Surveyors Fotofile: Condensation black spot mould

16 February 2010

Today’s picture from our surveyors files is of condensation black spot mould (also known as Aspergillus Niger). The picture shows black spot mould at the cold spot...

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Curing Condensation Problems – Not all fans are the same !

8 April 2009

To help control condensation and other  air quality issues Timberwise can provide a full range of ventilation and air management solutions to help alleviate the effects of...

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Condensation and Mould Growth – The Facts

18 November 2008

While there are several distinct types of condensation in buildings, surface condensation is by far the most common; indeed it is the most common form...

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