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Can You Claim for Damp Proofing on Your Home Insurance?

27 February 2024

Damp proofing is an important factor in any home, and discovering that your property might need to have its damp proofing measures either updated, or...

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When Should I Complain About Damp?

18 January 2024

A bad experience in your home can be hard, but it can be made worse if you’re having to cope with a landlord, or housing...

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Do Damp Crystals Work?

28 November 2023

Discovering damp in your property is always going to be a problem, and there are plenty of people who won’t know where to start when...

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Can I Install a Damp Proof Course in an Older House?

14 November 2023

Damp proofing is often a problem that people don’t really think about – that is, until its too late and the damp has set in....

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What Property Care Issues are Most Common in Basement Flats?

19 September 2023

If you live in a basement flat then you might already know that your living space is more susceptible to certain property care issues than...

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What To Do if My Student Accommodation has Black Mould?

14 September 2023

Every year all the students who worked hard enough to get into their chosen universities and are lucky enough to get student housing find themselves...

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Why Is There Mould in my Flat?

5 September 2023

If you have noticed that black mould has begun to spread in your flat, then obviously you are going to be concerned. The most important...

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What Should You Do if Your Neighbours Flat Has Damp?

24 August 2023

Damp isn’t a problem that anyone wants to deal with in their home, but sadly sometimes it will appear due to circumstances beyond your individual...

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Can High Temperatures Solve Damp?

9 June 2023

We are all living through strange times, where it seems that every year we hear about another record breaking summer when it comes to high...

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Can High Temperatures Kill Mould?

31 May 2023

After the cold weather and the high cost of living and energy that the UK has been forced to put up with, there are plenty...

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