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Why should I have a damp survey?

23 May 2019

Damp can potentially be a problem for any homeowner or potential new homeowner, and with rainfall being a constant occurrence across the UK damp problems...

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How to Approach Damp in a Listed Building

4 December 2018

A listed building is a building that holds significant architectural or historic national importance. Listed buildings are also included on one of the four statutory lists...

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What does a damp survey involve?

22 August 2017

So, after the torrential rain England and Wales have seen in the past few weeks you’ve started to notice the brown tide marks on your...

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How to get rid of damp in your home…

16 February 2017

A favourite question that we hear from our customers is that they want to know: “how do I get rid of damp in my home?”...

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How to Protect Your Home From Flooding?

31 January 2017

Extreme weather conditions put anyone living near the coast at an even higher risk of flooding. Although a house flood can be incredibly stressful, upsetting...

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What is a Calcium Carbide Test?

29 August 2014

At Timberwise our team of damp proofing specialists have a variety of tools at their disposal to identify dampness in properties. One such tool is...

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Damp problem leads to Dry rot outbreak

21 March 2014

Timberwise Oxford were called out recently to a mid-terrace property in Oxford that appeared to be suffering with dampness. The property had a damp smell that appeared...

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Osmotic Damp Proofing installation for a Bath Farm House

11 March 2014

At Timberwise we provide a range of damp proofing solutions for property owners from  cavity drain membranes and tanking systems through to our DriWise injection...

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Musty smell? Mould may be lurking in your home

12 September 2013

Musty odours are a very common issue in a number of households; however a majority of home owners are unaware of exactly what the cause...

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Ignore that leaking bath seal at your peril!

22 August 2011

Here we have a photo case study from one of our surveyors that highlights the dangers of ignoring leaking bath and shower seals. An insurance...

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