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Cheap Ways of Damp Proofing Your Home

31 May 2022

Right now the whole of the UK is facing a pretty severe cost of living crisis. This is going to have a direct effect on...

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Why Does My House Feel Damp When It Rains?

29 March 2022

Your property should be a place that above all else is comfortable to be in at any time. It can be distressing then if you...

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Why Are British Homes So Damp and Mouldy?

25 January 2022

As a nation, Britain has a big problem with damp, it can not only cause damage to your home but if left for a long...

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Why Is My Carpet Damp?

4 January 2022

Keeping your home dry and warm is always a top priority, so when your carpet starts to feel wet, or you notice a definite smell...

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What Can You Do if Your Neighbour Has Damp?

28 December 2021

Your property is potentially the most expensive and important purchase that you are ever going to make – so if you live in a terraced...

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What to Do About Damp Plaster?

21 December 2021

Plaster is an important part of the construction of any interior wall. So, what should be done if you find that damp has wreaked havoc...

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What to Do About Damp in Your Kitchen?

7 December 2021

When people think of damp in their home, they often immediately conjure up the image of a black mould infested bathroom, or even of masonry...

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How to Prevent Damp in a House?

23 November 2021

As you no doubt already know damp is a common problem that affects many properties across the UK. Preventing damp occurring at your house is...

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Can Leaking Gutters Cause Damp?

26 October 2021

Here at Timberwise, we discuss many topics related to damp, but we have not discussed the topic of “Can leaking gutters cause damp?”. The simple...

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How to Dry Damp Walls?

26 October 2021

There are a number of ways that dampness can appear on your walls, but the most common causes are floods, pipe leaks and the build...

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