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Dry Rot: The Home Invader

8 December 2015

Undetected, undisturbed, and unnoticed, the notorious dry rot is continuing to creep into our nation’s homes!  With almost fifty years experience within the property preservation industry,...

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A Simple Guide to Dry Rot

12 March 2015

Almost everyone’s heard of dry rot. It is a name that strikes fear in to homeowners! And rightly so. Its fearsome reputation for destroying timbers...

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Dry Rot Outbreak – What is Dry Rot and how to get rid of it

28 October 2014

True Dry Rot Fungus (Serpula Lacrymans) can have a devastating effect on a property if not caught in its early stages. Dry rot spores are...

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Damp problem leads to Dry rot outbreak

21 March 2014

Timberwise Oxford were called out recently to a mid-terrace property in Oxford that appeared to be suffering with dampness. The property had a damp smell that appeared...

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Surveyors Fotofile: Dry Rot fruiting body

28 June 2013

Some amazing pictures today from one of our Cardiff surveyors taken whilst carrying out dry rot treatments in Cardiff. The property owner correctly identified that...

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Identifying the Differences between Wet rot and Dry rot

18 April 2013

A question that we get asked frequently by clients who discover a form of fungal decay in their property is “What’s the difference between dry rot and...

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Surveyors Fotofile: Wet rots

1 March 2012

In the course of their everyday work our surveyors come across many different types of decay that attack the timbers of properties both old and...

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Surveyors Fotofile: Plaster fungi in a South London pub

18 April 2011

At Timberwise our surveyors are experts in identifying various forms of fungal decay from well know rots such as Dry Rot and Wet Rot through...

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Dry Rot – The Facts from the Dry Rot Experts

11 October 2008

Timberwise has been treating Dry Rot for over 5 decades and in that time have built a wealth of technical knowledge on Dry Rot. To help...

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