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What to Do If You Discover Dry Rot in a Listed Building

31 October 2023

Dry rot is one of the most common problems when it comes to property care in the UK, and it will come as no surprise...

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What Surfaces Can Dry Rot Affect?

24 October 2023

Dry rot is a nasty problem, something no one wants to discover in their property and definitely not something you want to let spread through...

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Should I Replace Rotten Timber in My Bathroom?

17 October 2023

The bathroom is a space where many will encounter problems like damp, black mould, and dry rot, because it’s a space where plenty of moisture...

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How to Treat Damp in Skirting Boards

10 October 2023

Finding damp anywhere in your property is an unpleasant experience, but sometimes there are areas where damp is just that little bit more annoying and...

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Will Wet Rot Dry Out?

5 June 2023

Due to our often wet and rainy weather conditions wet rot is an extremely common problem in timber of all kinds in properties throughout the...

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Is Dry Rot Worse in Cities?

23 May 2023

Dry rot is a nasty problem that can crop up in anybody’s home if the conditions are right, but the horrible fact is that some...

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How to dry out a room after a leak

10 July 2019

Flooding is without a doubt a problem on the increase in Great Britain. What used to be an infrequent occurrence now appears to be happening...

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Dry Rot treatment for a homeowner in Oxford

3 July 2019

Always be aware that with a mix of rain and high temperatures throughout this coming summer, it will provide the right conditions for wet rot...

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Wet rot found in a church in Lancashire

13 June 2019

Built in the late 17th century, this timber frame church was built to serve the growing population of Lancashire. Once a physical representation of the...

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A Simple Guide to Dry Rot

12 March 2015

Almost everyone’s heard of dry rot. It is a name that strikes fear in to homeowners! And rightly so. Its fearsome reputation for destroying timbers...

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