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How To Waterproof Decking

14 September 2021

Here at Timberwise we talk a lot about property care, and how to safeguard your buildings against the onset of damp and rot, especially from...

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Damp Proofing for Barn Conversions

8 September 2021

For a number of years, converting old agricultural buildings and barns into habitable spaces has proved to be a challenging but also very rewarding process....

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What’s the Difference: Mould Vs Mildew

10 August 2021

It’s a feature of everyday life that we commonly hear phrases and expressions, and, without fully understanding them, we attribute meaning, and continue with a...

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What Are The Health Risks Of Dry Rot?

28 July 2021

Any type of wood rotting fungi can be problematic to your property, but dry rot is the most problematic of them all. If your property...

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How To Repair Rotted Wood?

8 July 2021

Having rotting wood at your property is not what any homeowner wants to be dealing with. Older properties are the most prone to suffering with...

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How to Damp Proof Shed?

5 July 2021

During the summer and even the winter months, we like to have a shed for storing tools and equipment for gardening purposes. However, due to...

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Does Rising Damp Damage Bricks?

25 May 2021

It’s no understatement to say that rising damp, and damp in general are prolific causes of property decay in the UK. One of the main...

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What Are the Signs of Structural Problems?

18 May 2021

Structural damage can be a serious problem if not fixed early enough. It is a big problem if you are looking to buy or sell...

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What Is Cavity Wall Tie Failure?

11 May 2021

If you own property then you are going to have to be vigilant when it comes to the state and quality of the building you...

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed With Damp Repairs?

26 March 2021

Damp is a very serious issue, and sadly there are people in the world who are going to try and attempt to take advantage of...

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