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Property Care Winter Preparation Checklist

7 November 2023

There will be plenty of lists around the web looking at how you can prepare your home for winter, but we thought it was worth...

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What Property Care Issues are Most Common in Basement Flats?

19 September 2023

If you live in a basement flat then you might already know that your living space is more susceptible to certain property care issues than...

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What To Do if My Student Accommodation has Black Mould?

14 September 2023

Every year all the students who worked hard enough to get into their chosen universities and are lucky enough to get student housing find themselves...

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Why Is There Mould in my Flat?

5 September 2023

If you have noticed that black mould has begun to spread in your flat, then obviously you are going to be concerned. The most important...

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What To Do If You Find Black Mould in Your Carpet

6 October 2022

Black mould is a problem that effects thousands of households. In fact, its so common that its likely many more households have black mould, but...

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Why You Need A Property Care Association Accredited Specialist

29 July 2022

Having a survey carried out on any property is often a staple of the purchasing process. Whether you are buying a new home to live...

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The Common Furniture Beetle: Signs, Lifecycle, and Treatments

17 May 2022

Woodworm is a common problem in England, Scotland, and Wales, and there is no more common type of woodworm than the common furniture beetle. The...

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Powder Post Beetle: Signs, Lifecycle and Treatments

28 March 2022

The Powder Post Beetle, which is also known as Lyctus Brunneus, is a beetle that is present between March and September and is light brown...

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House Longhorn Beetle: Signs, Treatment and Prevention

23 March 2022

The House Longhorn Beetle, also known as Hylotrupes bajulus, can cause serious damage to timbers within any property. These beetles are usually found in areas...

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What Are the Signs That Your Timber Window Needs Repairing?

9 March 2022

If you own a property that features timber windows, then there is a good chance that during your ownership of the property you are going...

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