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How to Detect a Water Leak?

16 December 2021

At some point or another, unless you have been very lucky, will have experienced a water leak at some time or another at home. While...

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What is a Lintel and What Are the Different Types of Lintels?

30 November 2021

A lintel is something you might not have heard of before but it is in fact an essential part of a building’s infrastructure. In this...

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Why Do I Have Cold Walls?

16 November 2021

In the winter months of the year, you tend to turn the thermostat up to warm up your house. However, there can be a problem...

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Can You Paint Over Mould?

16 November 2021

Black mould and mildew are horrible blights on your decoration if they set in. Not only are mould and mildew unsightly, but you also have...

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Why Does My House Have a Musty Smell and How Do I Get Rid of It?

15 November 2021

Musty odours can be a very common issue in a number of households; however, a majority of homeowners are unaware of exactly what the cause...

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Is Black Mould Dangerous?

3 November 2021

Black mould is a type of fungus that can affect any type of property and as the name suggests it will be dark or green...

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How to Repair Cracks in External Walls?

2 November 2021

Cracks in the walls of your property are never a good thing. Outside of being indicative of the likes of a house settling, or damp...

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Why Humidity Is a Problem for Your House and How Can It Be Controlled?

29 September 2021

In our latest article, we explain what humidity is, why high and low humidity levels are bad for your house and what can be done...

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How To Waterproof Decking

14 September 2021

Here at Timberwise we talk a lot about property care, and how to safeguard your buildings against the onset of damp and rot, especially from...

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Damp Proofing for Barn Conversions

8 September 2021

For a number of years, converting old agricultural buildings and barns into habitable spaces has proved to be a challenging but also very rewarding process....

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