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Woodworm advice – trust the woodworm treatment specialists

17 May 2010

Now that the  warmer weather is upon us we have seen a rise in the number of people asking for our advice with woodworm related problems. ...

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Woodworm identification advice from the woodworm specialists

12 June 2009

Meet “The Expert”  – This man of mystery is an experienced consultant with a wealth of knowledge to share. In this article we look briefly...

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The Truth about Woodworm

5 May 2009

The Truth about Woodworm from the woodworm experts – Timberwise Debate has raged about the scale of the woodworm beetle problem and whether central heating...

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Woodworm Lifecycle

17 March 2008

The Stages of the Woodworm Lifecycle For the purpose of this explanation we have made the assumption that the beetle that lands on the timber is...

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