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The 4 biggest obstacles when buying a house

15 May 2018

Buying a house can be an exciting moment in anyone’s life, it symbolises the closing of a chapter and the beginning of another, but it...

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5 Property Tips For Stay At Home Parents

19 January 2017

You’ve made the jump from working full time to looking after your children. Gone are the days of faulty photocopiers, stagnant coffee convo and Tesco...

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Can You Spot The 5 Problems With This Picture?

17 October 2016

                            To the untrained naked eye, the picture above shows a typical,...

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The Essential Checklist : Top 10 Checks To Do Before Buying A Home

25 July 2016

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful purchases you undertake. It’s also likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make and...

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