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How to Identify Structural Defects in a House

14 December 2021

Owning a property is a lot of work, as many will tell you. It involves a lot of maintenance, and owners will have to keep...

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What is a Lintel and What Are the Different Types of Lintels?

30 November 2021

A lintel is something you might not have heard of before but it is in fact an essential part of a building’s infrastructure. In this...

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What Are the Signs of Structural Problems?

18 May 2021

Structural damage can be a serious problem if not fixed early enough. It is a big problem if you are looking to buy or sell...

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Crack Stitching and Lateral Restraint Explained

24 January 2013

At Timberwise we cover a wide variety of property care issues. Although we are best known for our timber and damp services we are also...

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