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Do I have a woodworm infestation?

29 May 2019

Now that the warmer weather is upon us we have seen a rise in the number of calls from people asking for our advice with...

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So you think you’ve got woodworm?

14 May 2019

Spring is upon us! But the beetles are back! Over recent months, the team at Timberwise have had an increasing number of home owners contacting...

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Damage to a barn conversion in Kent caused by woodworm

1 May 2019

Ashford is a market town in mid-Kent, on the southern edge of a big Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, filled with the chalk hills of...

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Beetles found in a log basket

13 March 2019

With more people having wood burning fires installed we have in recent months seen an increase in people finding unexpected visitors appearing from the log...

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Carpet Beetle – How to get rid of Carpet Beetles?

27 June 2016

At Timberwise, our surveyors are specialists in all manner of beetles that can affect properties. Although we only treat beetles that infest timber to avoid...

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Britain’s Ash Trees set for extinction

29 March 2016

The name Agrilus planipennis or Emerald Ash Borer beetle will not mean much to most people, but for forestry commissions across the world, this name...

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Woodworm Season!

18 March 2015

Woodworm season is almost upon us! So here at Timberwise we thought it would be the perfect time to give you the heads-up to prepare...

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Shocking Facts About Woodworm!

17 March 2015

We’ve compiled some of the most interesting facts about Woodworm into an easy-to-read infographic!...

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The Myth of Woodworm Debunked – A Timberwise Investigation

30 September 2014

Some experts have claimed that woodworm cannot be present within a domestic building because of the existence of central heating, along with another claim that...

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Identifying a Powder Post Beetle

16 September 2014

At Timberwise we receive many enquiries regarding woodworm beetles and the damage that they cause to the property. One recent enquiry our specialist team received...

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