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Powder Post Beetle: Signs, Lifecycle and Treatments

28 March 2022

The Powder Post Beetle, which is also known as Lyctus Brunneus, is a beetle that is present between March and September and is light brown...

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House Longhorn Beetle: Signs, Treatment and Prevention

23 March 2022

The House Longhorn Beetle, also known as Hylotrupes bajulus, can cause serious damage to timbers within any property. These beetles are usually found in areas...

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What to Do About Woodworm in Your Floorboards?

9 November 2021

Discovering woodworm in your property is never a good thing. It means that you are going to have to take immediate action to prevent your...

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How To Spot and Treat Woodworm in Furniture?

30 June 2021

This article is purely to give advice on problems with woodworm infested furniture, Timberwise are unable to treat furniture for woodworm. One of the most...

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What To Do About Woodworm In Your Loft?

27 May 2021

Woodworm is a problem that if left untreated can cause significant damage to your property. It is a problem that is affecting a large number...

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What is a Wood boring insect?

17 August 2020

A frequently asked question from many home buyers that have received a home buyers reports is “what is a wood boring insect?” This is a...

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Is Woodworm Harmful to Humans?

17 June 2020

For over 50 years Timberwise have been battling the timber menace that is woodworm! It is a well-known fact that woodworm is harmful to timber...

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So you think you’ve got woodworm?

14 May 2019

Spring is upon us! But the beetles are back! Over recent months, the team at Timberwise have had an increasing number of home owners contacting...

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What is a Deathwatch Beetle?

1 May 2019

A Deathwatch Beetle is one of a number of wood boring insects that are found in the UK which are commonly classed as ‘Woodworm’. Deathwatch...

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Peziza Domiciliana (Carpet Cup) | What You Need To Know

26 January 2017

You’ve spotted something lurking in the corner of the room.  It’s brown and it’s shaped like a misplaced piece of pasta from last nights dinner,...

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