Bird Control

Closeup of a Pidgeon

Bird Control

For property owners, bird control can be quite challenging, particularly in concentrated urban populations.


There are many issues associated with birds roosting in the wrong location including:

  • Unsightly staining to walls and roofs as well as ledges of buildings.
  • Blocked gutters along with other rain-water goods frequently contributing to water ingress as a result.
  • Droppings on pavements as well as pathways leading to slippery hazards when wet.
  • Damage to building materials brought on by droppings.
  • A significant health risk as a result of nests and droppings that function as a breeding ground for mites and bacteria.

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The Solution

Timberwise offer a range of solutions to resolve your bird control problems. Our surveyor will supply a written report clearly detailing the work that needs to be carried out, after an examination where they will recommend a solution for your property. The work that we carry out is completely harmless to the birds and humane.

Bird net system

Our bird nets are designed to be used on any part of the building, and can cater for a wide range of birds.

Bird spikes system

Bird spikes are designed to prevent birds from perching on property and thus deterring them from landing. This can be a great way to deal with the issue of roosting birds, without causing any harm to the birds themselves. The product uses a thick pattern of extending pins to prevent the birds from landing, and this can be a great way to look after your building.

Sprung wire system

Our sprung wired systems are the ideal solution for light to medium pigeon populations. Stainless steel wires are installed across the surface of the property to be protected. At one end they are attached to a spring, which when set at the precise tension will restrict pigeons from landing without causing any harm to the bird.

Wire coils system

Wire coil systems consist of an extendable stainless steel wire coil that is stretched out along ledges and other architectural features to prevent birds from landing. An advantage of installing a wire coil system is that is virtually invisible from a distance of 7 meters or more.

Bird net installed on a property
Image of bird spikes located on Sainsbury signage
Closeup of spring wire
Closeup of wire coils

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