HeliTek Cavity Wall Tie Solutions

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Traditionally cavity walls have been constructed since the start of the 20th century and were designed to provide better protection from the elements in addition to reducing the amount of heat lost from a property. The system is made up of two separate walls ‘tied’ at strategic intervals utilizing a form of wall tie commonly constructed from metal covered in bitumen or possibly zinc.

Cavity wall tie replacements came to popularity in the 1980’s when it became apparent that the quick deterioration of wall ties was something that needed to be tackled.

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Failing cavity wall ties can lead to a number of problems:

  • Masonry/mortar cracking both stepped and horizontal
  • Potential for bulging of walls
  • Too few wall ties may have been used in the original specification
  • It can be challenging to remove older wall ties
  • Specialist technology including metal detectors and boroscopes are often required.

Repairing and replacing cavity wall ties

Our experienced surveyors are fully trained and have a range of options and tools available to help deal with any cavity wall tie problems that you might face. Our team will provide a full written report on any work that has been carried out and recommend the most appropriate structural repair procedure for your property.

  • High quality metal detectors and other specialist equipment is used by Timberwise to safely and effectively assess existing cavity wall ties.
  • Fibre optic boroscopes are used to assess the condition of the wall ties.
  • A specification for remedial works will be given after an assessment of the cavity wall ties has been completed.
  • The severity of the problem will have a major impact on the remedial works that need to be carried out. A great range of high quality stainless steel remedial wall ties are available from Timberwise to suit your needs.
  • All of our work meets the highest cosmetic standards.

Our selection of ties include:

Mechanical Wall Ties

Mechanical ties

Mechanically expanding ends are a key feature of these ties, and this allows them to effectively lock into your walls. Immediately after fitting you can load test the tie to ensure it’s been correctly fitted

Resin Ties

Resin ties (Resin/Resin)

Resin is used to bond this cavity wall tie to its base material. If the base material is less substantial or unable to take on the stress, this can prove to be an excellent solution.

Combination ties (Resin/Mechanical)

This is an incredibly robust solution for buildings that are made from mixed materials and this can give you the support and structure that you need.

Quality you can trust: To ensure that the cavity ties are correctly locked in place, we conduct random insitu load testing, so you will have peace of mind that your ties reach the required standards across the board.

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