LignaTek Commercial Woodworm and Rot Solutions

Timber Treatments

Timberwise have been providing timber services to property owners for over 5 decades. From small business to national home builders, blue-chip companies to high street names –they have all benefited from the in-depth knowledge and experience of Timberwise.

Our core timber related building preservation services for which we are well known are:

  • Dry rot, wet rot and fungal decay treatments
  • Woodworm and beetle infestations
  • Timber repairs

Full Replacement

Customers often require us to replace joinery and plaster on projects we work on. Our teams of time served joiners and plasterers are able to complete this work in a timely and expert manner.

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Our Commercial Timber Treatment Services

Dry Rot Treatments

If you’re experiencing any issues with dry rot then it is important that you get it resolved as soon as possible as you may be at risk of causing damage to your home, leading you to be at risk of both health and financial issues.

Wet Rot Decay

Wet Rot Treatments

Dealing with wet rot can be a problematic area, but here at Timberwise we understand the measures that need to be taken in order to resolve the matter. If you fail to act then you could be at risk of damaging your home as it causes a number of issues, including: distortion, discolouration and loss of strength to the timber.

Woodworm Life Cycle Stage 1

Woodworm Treatments

One of the biggest risks facing most properties today is the risk of infestation and, more specifically, woodworm. It is important that once you notice any affected areas that they are treated as soon as possible, otherwise it can cause significant damage to the structure of a property.

Timber repairs

Timber Repairs

If you believe that the timber in your property has become damaged and weakened as a result of rotting or infestation, then you should look to amend the problem as soon as possible. Here at Timberwise we are experts in timber repair and we will be able to eradicate any issues you have been experiencing.

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