Commercial Dry Rot Treatments

For over 45 years Timberwise have been helping property owners to tackle dry rot problems across the board. Specialists in the field of remedial property surveying of damp and timber related issues, we are on hand to help you out, whatever the task.

Commercial dry rot treatment from the experts

The initial stages of a dry rot treatment will involve our surveyors conducting a property survey to establish how serious the dry rot outbreak is, while also developing a method to treat the problem.

To determine the extent of the dry rot outbreak a survey might need to be carried out, this includes identifying any potential leaks or sources of water into the property, which could cause further damage, or cause the dry rot to return.

At Timberwise our technicians have many years’ experience in dry rot treatments. Using a range of timber engineering techniques, our skilled technicians will work to replace any defective timbers. We will also work with HSE approved fungicidal formulations to avoid any further dry rot infections, and help to ensure that it doesn’t return.

Dry Rot

What is Dry rot?

If your building contains timber then chances are that dry rot is potentially one of the biggest problems that will confront it. Dry rot turns timber a dark brown colour and feeds on the cellulose component within it, to start the decay process, leaving the material in a crumbly and dry state. This then spreads through the timber, causing further damage along the way.

Spreading rapidly through a building, dry rot can very quickly become a serious issue which can impact neighbouring properties and spread through plastered walls. Permanent damage can be caused if it’s left untreated and this can lead to serious structural damage to the property, and even cause it to collapse.

Dry Rot Sporophore

Identifying Dry rot

A pungent odour is one of the first ways to identify dry rot. At the initial stages dry rot will also release millions of tiny red spores into the atmosphere, and grey strands will also start to develop forming further bacterial growth, this can often be visible to the eye.

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