Commercial Wet Rot Treatments

As fungal decay specialists, Timberwise are ideally placed to help you with any Wet rot problems within properties. For over 40 years, Timberwise is the name to trust when solving Wet rot problems.

Wet rots, much like dry rot, are a common cause of structural defects in properties. Wet rot thrives on targeting timber in damp conditions and if left untreated it may result in serve damage to the fabric of the property.

Wet Rot Decay

Identifying Wet Rot

Wet rot is identifiable by the following: Damage to timber in the form of distortion, softness of the timber, cuboidal cracking and ultimately a loss of strength in the timber. Wet rots also come with a musty, damp smell and, in addition, some signs of fungal growth activity may be visible.

The fungal growth, or hyphae strands, spread through the building to discover other damp areas to continue the lifecycle. Timber that has been exposed to a Wet rot attack appears either darkened or bleached with cuboidal or longitudinal cracks – the appearance is very much determined by the species of Wet rot involved.

The species most commonly found in the UK is Coniophora puteana (otherwise known as Cellar Fungus)

How is Wet Rot treated?

Ahead of wet rot treatments been performed a survey of the property would be conducted to ascertain the intensity of the wet rot problem. The survey will establish precisely where the moisture source that has been feeding the wet rot is as well as identify whether or not any other rot issues have arisen as a result of the wet rot problem. Our surveyor from there will be able to provide you with a written report detailing the outbreak and explaining the most cost effective answer to the wet rot outbreak. The solution to the wet rot outbreak will be to put a stop to the source of dampness / water ingress to eliminate the food source of the wet rot. All weakened timbers are removed and renewed combined with HSE approved fungicidal treatments applied to any of the remaining timbers.

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