Woodworm Treatments

Timberwise have over 4 decades experience in the treating of woodworm in commercial premises and are regarded as experts in identifying and treating woodworm. It is a well-known misconception that woodworm is able to only affect older properties but the reality is it can cause damage to newly constructed properties also.

There are various tell-tale signs of a woodworm infestation. These include:

  • Small round shaped holes in the woodwork
  • Fine powder like dust around the holes (technically known as frass)
  • Adult beetles either around the property or emerging from the exit holes
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Woodworm Damage

What is woodworm?

Woodworm is the widely used generic term for wood boring insects. These insects attack wood and can cause structural damage to timbers if left unchecked. Usually, the life cycle of the woodworm is more or less near completion before the majority of property owners are actually aware that they have a woodworm problem. Woodworm attacks can, however, be varied and various species of woodworm inhabit various kinds of timber. For that reason, it is crucial that the kind of woodworm infestation is correctly identified to prevent needless treatments.

In the UK, there are 4 primary species of woodworm that are encountered. These are the Common Furniture Beetle, Wood Boring Weevil, Death-watch Beetle and House Longhorn Beetle.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Treatments

If you believe you have woodworm in the property it is highly recommended that you have a survey conducted by a qualified surveyor. This way the surveyor will be able to identify if the infestation is live as well as recommend the appropriate and most effective woodworm treatment.

Treating Woodworm the Timberwise way

Timberwise provide woodworm treatments to commercial properties of any age and size. Our surveyors are experts in woodworm and based throughout the UK. Our most common method of treating woodworm utilises, water based treatments which are designed to reduce risks to individuals, pets and the environment.

This treatment will eradicate the woodworm insects on contact as they emerge from the timber. Particular species of beetle, such as Death-watch beetle require more in depth treatments such as penetrating insecticidal gel.

Seriously affected timbers are generally cut away and renewed, where required structurally. Alternatively, resin repair techniques might be deployed.

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