Engineer applying internal garage waterproofing

Waterproofing Garages

Waterproofing your garage is probably something you don’t even think about, however, it is more than likely that if your garage is adjoined to your house or if it is an external detatched garage, then it will have suffered at some time or another from dampness.

Waterproofing is not normally a consideration when a garage is constructed and they tend to be built to a lower standard when compared to the main property. Garages are potentially vulnerable to dampness due to them only having a single skin layer meaning most of the time they are not built to provide a habitable, totally dry environment.

There is though now an increasing number of us wanting more space at home for either storage or as extra living space. It used to be that people only thought of their garage as a place for sheltering their car, however, this has now evolved, with people now changing their garage into extra living space – for example a games room or a man cave.

If this is something you are looking into then it might be worth also looking into having some form of waterproofing carried out to your garage to keep damp problems at bay.

Why Are Garages Vulnerable to Damp?

As already mentioned, garages tend to be only constructed with a single skin layer meaning that they are not designed to be used on a daily basis as habitable space. Because of this waterproofing is not integrated into the construction process.

Garages that have an earth retaining wall are the most vulnerable to dampness due to problems with water ingress entering the building. Cracks and leaks are other problems that can occur to the garage that have earth retaining walls due to the buildup of hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding soil.

If concrete floors have become damp, then this is down to the garage not having any form of lining membrane being fitted. The membrane is usually installed underneath the concrete floor to prevent water from rising up. This normally does not occur in newer properties, however, it is best to double check that there is no damp on the lower level of the garage level.

Methods of Waterproofing Garages

The most efficient methods of garage waterproofing are through tanking and what is known as type C waterproofing. Depending on what you are wanting to do with your garage will determine which is the best method for waterproofing your garage.

Applying Tanking Slurry to Garage

The most cost-effective and traditional method of waterproofing garages is through tanking. Tanking uses a tanking slurry that is a specially formulated mixture designed to stop water ingress.

Cementitious tanking, which it is also sometimes referred as, is regularly used to prevent dampness in basement and cellars but it is in fact just as an effective method of protecting against damp from forming on garage walls.

This form of waterproofing is not only useful for preventing moisture and dampness from causing damage to the contents in your garage but also provides a smooth look finish. If you are looking just to have your garage for having storage or used as a utility room then this is what we recommend as the best choice.

Type C Waterproofing on Garage Floors

If you are looking to convert your garage to a habitable living space for your family and friends to enjoy or for some extra office space while working at home, then Type C waterproofing is a preferable option to using tanking.

Type C waterproofing is the combination of cavity drain membranes along with a drainage waterproofing system. The way that this waterproofing system works is that the membrane collects any water that has travelled through the walls of the property, this is then channelled to the installed perimeter drainage that then runs to a sump pump system. The sump pump system can then safely pump the water away from the property to a convenient drain off point.

Once the waterproofing system is in place the walls can have plaster and drywall applied onto them which is best suited for having your garage converted into a habitable living space.

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If you book a survey with us, we will provide a full inspection of the garage and detail what the most efficient and cost effective method is for waterproofing your garage.