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Basement and Cellar Tanking

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Ordinarily, cellars are parts of a building that are used to store junk and unused wine bottles and are riddled with damp areas which largely make them unusable. To gain the full potential of your cellar or basement then the best option is to make the area dry.

Timberwise undertakes a wide range of basement waterproofing treatment in our quest to turn damp basements into to dry, usable living space. We are the leading waterproofing specialists in basement waterproofing and tanking.

What is Tanking?

Barrier Protection

Tanking is the generic term for a basement waterproofing system that uses a “barrier” to keep water out of the property. It is sometimes referred to as either, the positive side, or negative side waterproofing, depending on which side of the structure it is applied. The main purpose of tanking is to treat damp walls by preventing water ingress.

Basement tanking systems work by applying a waterproof coating directly to the porous cellar walls to prevent water seepage and therefore create a dry and improved internal environment. Tanking is designed not to control the flow of water (as in Type C waterproofing) but to stop it entering the property from the outset. The lining (or slurry) is applied directly to the walls to form a “tank” which creates a barrier to prevent water from getting into the building.

Dampness occurs in cellars due to the area being located below ground. Water can make its way through the walls into the cellar. Once the damp runs into the walls it can cause issues such as condensation which in turn, will create mould. Tanking slurry is directly placed on damp walls which act as an impermeable waterproof barrier.

How the Tanking System Works?

Tanked Protection - Type A

Basement or cellar tanking is usually used in situations where there is no free flowing water or any risk of flooding. It is applied where there is an isolated problem with dampness. Areas with poor drainage and a high water table can be problematic causing basements and cellars to become permanently damp. Tanking systems use a cementitious coating which meets the industry guidelines for structural waterproofing (BS8102).

Waterproof coatings can be applied using a trowel or even in some circumstances sprayed on with the main aim of creating a waterproof barrier. After this has been applied plaster can be used on top of these coatings. To ensure the water doesn’t seep into the building particular attention must be applied to the potentially weak points of the structure – for example, the wall and floor junctions.

The most effective method of basement or cellar tanking walls is with tanking slurry. This type of system is also known as cementitious tanking. It is a specially formulated mixture designed to be applied on walls in the cellar or basement to stop the water passing through.

Basement Tanking by the Experts

By contacting Timberwise you will be provided with the over 50 years’ experience in waterproofing. We recommend that a Waterproofing Design Specialist should be engaged through the whole waterproofing process from the initial design stage to the full completion of the works.

Timberwise are experts in all aspects of basement and cellar waterproofing and we are happy to help with any of your damp problems in your basement. Contact our helpful and friendly team on 0800 288 8660 or request a survey by completing the form at top of the page.

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