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Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your basement? You might think that the only real use for a cellar is as a storage space or as an area in which you can keep your old mementos and unused wine – but this is actually far from the truth.

A basement can be just like every other room within a property, a fully usable living space. All that you need to do in order to realise this potential is make your cellar dry, and for that, you will need proper basement and cellar waterproofing.

Luckily, Timberwise undertakes a wide range of basement waterproofing solutions to help turn basements and cellars into viable, usable living space. At Timberwise, you will find the leading waterproofing specialists in below ground waterproofing and tanking.

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What is Basement and Cellar Tanking?

Tanking is the colloquial term used for Type A below ground waterproofing. This type of waterproofing (also known as barrier protection) involves the application of a waterproof barrier to the basement walls, either on the inside or outside of the property, with the main purpose being to treat or prevent damp in walls due to water ingress.

Tanking works in a very simple and easy to understand way. By applying a waterproof coating to porous cellar walls you can create a dry and habitable internal environment within the cellar or basement itself. This is because the waterproof coating that has been applied will prevent water seepage, meaning that instead of controlling the flow of the water (like Type C waterproofing does), tanking stops it from entering the property at all.

Why is it called tanking? Because the actual slurry used to create the barrier protection is applied directly to the exterior walls of the property itself, which essentially forms a ‘tank’ that is designed to prevent water from entering a property in any way.

Why is Tanking Needed?

Tanking is just one form of basement waterproofing, which is absolutely essential if you want to put a halt to structural and water damage happening within your property due to water ingress. It’s also highly advisable if you are looking to make your basement or cellar into a living space.

This is because dampness occurs more commonly in cellars due to them being located underground. Moisture is far more likely to be present within the earth both surrounding and below the basement itself, and therefore it is highly likely to permeate the exterior walls of any basement or cellar.

This can happen in a number of ways, but once that damp has taken root within the walls you could face further issues within your property such as damaged foundations, flood damage, condensation, and its knock on effect, black mould.

All of this can be avoided with the expert application of a proper basement waterproofing system.

Barrier ProtectionHow Does the Tanking System Work?

Tanking as a waterproofing solution is usually employed in situations where there is no free flowing water or risk of immediate flooding, instead, tanking is usually applied where there is an isolated problem with damp.

Properties located in areas that have poor drainage and high water tables can suffer from long term problems, potentially including basements and cellars located in these areas to become permanently damp. In these situations, a tanking solution may not be advisable and a Type C solution may be more appropriate.

The process of tanking begins with the application of a cementitious coating which meets the industry guidelines for structural waterproofing, known as BS8102. This waterproof coating is applied using a trowel, or in some circumstances can be applied with a spray. No matter which way it is applied to the walls, the overall aim is to create a waterproof barrier, applied to either the exterior or interior of the property.

Once the waterproof barrier has been applied, plaster can once again be used on top of the coatings, so the interior of the cellar can be decorated and made nice once more. It’s important that before plaster is applied that particular close care and attention is paid to the potentially weak points of the basement structure, including the junctions between walls, and between the walls and the floor.

In most situations, the barrier being applied will be a tanking slurry – which is what cementitious tanking is also known as. It’s comprised of a specially formulated mixture, designed to be applied exclusively on the walls of a cellar or basement to stop water passing through.

What Other Options Are There When It Comes to Basement Waterproofing?

Tanked Protection - Type A

Basement and cellar waterproofing is a serious business, and if you are in need of a waterproofing solution within your property, then we highly recommend a visit from one of our Waterproofing Design Specialists, who can advise and guide you on the type of waterproofing solution that will most benefit you.

If a Type A, tanking solution doesn’t fit your needs, there is always a cavity drainage system, or Type C waterproofing system available. This is a form of basement waterproofing that can be installed within any property no matter what the time of year, that allows for regular maintenance and comprehensive waterproofing elements on top of design flexibility.

You can read more about Type C solutions here, or all about the different waterproofing types here for what goes into Type A and B waterproofing.

Basement Tanking Done by the Experts

By choosing to contact Timberwise, you will also be choosing to reach out to a company with over 50 years worth of experience in both residential and commercial property waterproofing. We ensure that one of our own Waterproofing Design Specialists are engaged throughout the whole process of waterproofing, from survey, to design, to completion, just to make sure that the process is completed with 100% effectiveness.

The Timberwise team are experts in all aspects of cellar and basement waterproofing, and we are happy to assist with any of your damp problems, in your basement or elsewhere. Contact our expert and friendly team today on 0800 288 8660, or request a survey by filling in the form at the top of the page.

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