CAD Diagram

CAD Diagrams

To assist architects and specifiers at the design stage of a structural waterproofing solution, we have available a range of CAD diagrams showing various parts of a Type C basement waterproofing system.

Timberwise waterproofing systems conform to current British Standards (BS8102) and specifications are designed by experienced Certificated Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW). Our team of waterproofing specialists can act as designers of your own project, enabling them to either design afresh or even integrate our solutions into your current plans. This enables you to transform your waterproofing project into reality with speed and efficiency.

All our Basement Waterproofing CAD illustrations can be found on-line via the Fastrack CAD website. The Fastrack CAD illustrations aid architects and specifiers in the development or customization of project documentation by improving precision and reducing drafting time. The illustrations are offered in DWG or PDF format. Each illustration is layered and consists of an insertion point to manipulate on screen and position at will.

The website is free of charge to sign up to however it does require individuals to register to log on to use.

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