Cavity Drain Membranes

Cavity Drain Membrane provides an alternative way of waterproofing walls to the traditional cementitious basement tanking systems. A crucial part of the Type C waterproofing process is the selection of the correct Cavity Drain Membranes.

As Waterproofing Specialist Designers, usually Type C is the preferred method for refurbishments and as part of a combined system for a new build. The cavity drain membrane is impermeable high-density Polyethylene or Polypropylene Membrane with 2mm, 4mm, 8mm and 20mm studs to form a cavity when fixed to the wall and floor.

Cavity Drain Membrane is an internally applied basement wall / floor waterproofing system based upon a range of tough and durable cavity drainage membranes.
As opposed to traditional tanking that works by holding back the water and pressure; wall Cavity Drainage Membrane works by allowing the water to continue to penetrate through the wall to then control the water within the air gap between the Cavity Drainage Membrane and the wall. The flow of the water is then controlled through Perimeter Drainage Channel and directed to a suitable drainage point or sump pump. Once the cavity wall drainage membrane has been fitted, wall surfaces can be dry lined or plastered directly.

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Fixings In Cavity Drain MembraneTimberwise Cavity Drain Membrane is suitable for use in accordance with BS 8102:1990 to provide Type ‘C’ drained protection to structures below ground.

Cavity Drain Membrane provides a Grade 3 or 4 dry environment suitable for domestic or commercial use. It is essential that Timberwise’s Cavity Drain Membrane is used in conjunction with a suitable sump and pump facility (unless passive drainage is available on one side of the building) and that the sump pump system is maintained throughout the lifetime of the installation.

To control the risk of condensation, it is recommended that all basements should also be provided with mechanical ventilation to ensure adequate air circulation in accordance with the guidelines in Approved Document F (Building Regulations 2005).

The Advantages Of Cavity Drain Membranes

Cavity Drain Membrane fixings that are used in conjunction with Cavity Drainage Membrane, prevents pressure from building up against the internal wall structure. The air gap behind the membrane allows the structure to breathe and to some extent allows the structure to dry out.

Moreover, Cavity Drain Membrane does not impose any load onto the structure or wall, it is also quicker to install than some other basement waterproofing systems, and easier to repair should there be a problem with the system at some point in the future.

The system is flexible, maintainable and importantly guaranteed, making it the system of choice for waterproofing designers.

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