Structural Waterproofing

Structural Waterproofing Solutions

At Timberwise we offer a comprehensive range of structural waterproofing services from feasibility, through to design and installation and finally to “sign-off” of the project. The right waterproofing system can be selected from the Timberwise range of tried and tested solutions as outlined under BS 8102:2009 – The code of practice for the protection of structures against water from the ground.

Timberwise undertakes a comprehensive approach to solving structural waterproofing problems caused by hydrostatic pressure which includes:

  • Waterproofing consultancy
  • Application of barrier (tanking) systems
  • Structural injection waterproofing
  • Installation of drained cavity systems and pumping stations

Our waterproofing specifications are also backed by professional indemnity insurance, as well as product and public liability insurance. Our structural waterproofing solutions also come with a 10 year Timberwise guarantee – giving you total protection and peace of mind that should problems arise you have complete protection.

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Barrier ProtectionWaterproofing Types:

Type A: Barrier Protection

  •  A barrier to water ingress is applied to the inner or outer surface of the structure e.g. slurry




Type B: Structurally Integral ProtectionsStructurally Integral Protection

  • The structure is formed as a watertight construction and requires no additional protection



Type C: Drained Protection

As waterproofing system designers, Type C is the usually the preferred method for refurbishments and as part of a combined system for a new build property in need of waterproofing. Type C systems can be installed in any weather and groundwater ingress conditions. Other benefits include the ease of repairability and the ability to service and maintain the system.

Type C Drained protection type of construction is considered to be the most effective and trouble free form of basement waterproofing.

Paragraph 3.2.4 BS 8102 - 1990 Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground

The 3 parts that form a “Type C” Drained Protection

Fixings In Cavity Drain Membrane

Cavity Drainage Membrane

A crucial part of the waterproofing process is the selection of the correct cavity drain membranes. Cavity Drain Membrane provides an alternative way or waterproofing walls to the traditional cementitious tanking systems.

Cavity Drainage Membrane
Perimeter Drainage Channel

Perimeter Drainage Channel

This piping system is engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without the worry of clogging from soils under the floor. It has large holes in the back to accept water and a flange with special segments.

Perimeter Drainage Channel
Triplesafe Sump Pump

Sump & Pumps

The Sump & Pump system is at the heart of a Type C waterproofing system. Water enters the sump via the drainage channel before being pumped away to a convenient drainage point.

Sump & Pumps


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