Perimeter Drainage Channel

What is a Perimeter Drainage Channel

The perimeter drainage channel is a piping system engineered specifically to collect water at the bottom of a cavity drainage membrane and to intercept water coming in under pressure at the wall floor junction. Ultimately water is then drained or pumped to a drainage point. Perimeter drainage channel is a key part of a Type C waterproofing system.

Benefiting from a practical design – The patented perimeter drainage channel system has a design that separates it from the soil under your floor so it will never clog. It also has a special wall flange that creates a neat space between the floor and the wall to drain any wall seepage, without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter.

The system is applicable to all types of foundations including block, poured concrete, stone, etc. Weep holes are drilled into block walls to drain water out of the walls into the system. Water will be diverted away to both available drainage or pumping system and will provide additional protection to the vulnerable wall-floor junction in the basement waterproofing applications.

How Does Perimeter Drainage Channel Work?Perimeter Drainage Channel

The perimeter drainage channel is designed to collect water at the bottom of a Cavity Drainage Membrane and to intercept water coming in under pressure at the wall floor junction – as such it is a key part of a Type C waterproofing system. Ultimately, water is then drained away to a pumped or natural drainage point. The advantages of using perimeter drainage as part of a waterproofing system are:

  • It relieves hydrostatic ground-water pressure, helping to create dry, healthy living and storage environments
  • The effectiveness is independent of substrate condition, unlike bonded tanking systems
  • It is frequently employed to solve problems where other systems have failed

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