Waterproofing Design Specialists

What is a Waterproofing Design Specialist?

A Waterproofing Design Specialist is an individual that holds a PCA recognised CSSW qualification. A CSSW qualification is a recognised professional qualification for individuals involved in diagnosing problems with water entering structures below ground level and who recommend design solutions.

They ensure that the basement waterproofing design for your commercial project is compliant with the British Standard BS8102:2009.

Why do you need a Waterproofing Design Specialist?

A welcome inclusion to the BS 8102 is that it now asks for a Waterproofing Designer/Specialist to be part of the design team at the outset to ensure that an integrated waterproofing solution is realised. Providing the design team with guidance that assists and influences the design, installation and future maintenance of the waterproofed structure, a Waterproofing Design Specialist will:

  • Be able to advise and be part of team
  • Take on design liability
  • Carry out Risk Assessments (sewers, gases, trees)
  • Investigate water table and surrounding areas
  • Consider accessibility, repairability and servicing
  • Design to the required environment grade for Basement uses (Grades 1-3)
  • Choose the correct method / Type of Waterproofing System (Type A, B or C)
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Take the pain away from Basement Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing Design from the experts

At Timberwise we recognise that no two waterproofing projects are the same, that’s why we offer a full design and installation service tailored to suit the exact needs of your project.

Not only do you we complete waterproofing projects successfully and provide systems to the highest standards but, we also give customers our full technical support from the start to the end of the process.

With an impressive client list – from architects to national home builders, blue chip companies to familiar high street names – Timberwise are the “go-to” waterproofing design specialists. If you have any questions about how Timberwise can help you with your project,  please feel free to chat directly to one of our waterproofing specialists who would be delighted to help you further.

Simply click on the ‘let’s chat’ button to chat to Timberwise and we’ll help you with your waterproofing questions. You can alternatively, complete our contact us form or give us a call on 0800 288 8660.

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