Condensation in loft

Condensation in Loft

Condensation in loft and roof spaces has become a common problem for property owners in recent years and if you do not notice it early on and take action it can lead to serious issues such as timber starting to rot.

There are many reasons that condensation can build up in your loft space, but one of the most common reasons is that your home can suffer from condensation is air becoming trapped as a result of modern innovations such as cavity wall insulation or double glazing.

One of the common signs that there is condensation in the loft is the presence of moisture inside of the roof tiles. This will then develop into black spot mould on the walls and ceiling.

What Causes Condensation in Loft?

Just like with any room in your house, condensation in the loft is caused by excess warm moisture in the air as a result of poor ventilation. Our top reasons for condensation occurring in a loft space are described down below:

    • Insulation fitted incorrectly

Loft insulation has a number of benefits which are well documented. These benefits include reduced energy bill costs and making your property warmer in the winter months. However, if the insulation has not been fitted correctly this can lead to condensation problems.

The reason for this is that while insulation can keep your home warm, if the warm air can’t circulate properly it has to go somewhere. The moisture laden air will come into cold surfaces in the loft and condense into water which will cause condensation to occur. Condensation could over time lead to dampness in the loft. Property owners often suffer from condensation from poor insulation in the loft so make sure you when you contact a contractor, they are fully qualified to carry out the work.

    • Poor Ventilation from Poor Design of Vents or Storage Boxes Close To Walls

Many new building properties have well-designed roof ventilation. When moisture laden air rises, the air can escape through ridges. This allows for good circulation of air. In older buildings, this process may not occur there may be one or two tile vents, but there are also properties where there is no roof ventilation at all which causes condensation to build up.

There are situations where the homeowner creates the perfect conditions for condensation to occur as a result of how things are stored in the loft. Where too many storage boxes have been put in the loft and as a result air cannot circulate is a common problem.

    • Cold and Hot Water Tanks in the Loft

If a property has a hot water tank in the roof then this can lead to condensation. The reason this can happen is that the steam from the water tank will condense onto the inside surfaces of the loft space.

You can prevent this from happening by ensuring the lids on water tanks are securely shut and the warm air can be safely vented out of the loft easily. This also applies to cold water tanks as well where there is no water evaporation.

For more in-depth information on the causes of condensation then visit our “what causes condensation” page.

How To Stop Condensation in Loft?

There are two main steps to removing condensation from the loft. One of the steps is to ensure that there is good air circulation. The second step is that you should reduce or remove as much warm moisture in the air as possible.

To ensure that there is good air circulation in and around the loft you must remove any boxes that could be obstructing the airflow and ensure that all ventilation slots are not obstructed. You can also add further loft vents to provide a good air circulation flow.

Having excessive damp and humid air is common in households due to warm air rising from below and condensing into cold areas of the loft space. To reduce warm air from rising into the loft you can open windows and doors in bathroom and kitchen areas, dry clothes outside where possible and use extractor fans. If these solutions do not work, then it is recommended that professional condensation solutions are carried out.

Professional Solutions to Loft Condensation

If you have tried carrying out the above suggestions to solving your problems of condensation in the loft and it has not worked, then we would recommend contacting one of our fully qualified surveyors for further advice.

Our surveyor will carry out a thorough inspection of the causes of the condensation problem and potentially look at installing one of our professional condensation solutions such as a positive ventilation system.

Helping Solve Problems with Condensation in The Loft

We would always recommend carrying out DIY tips on treating condensation in the loft yourself but if the problem persists then contact one of our specialists at Timberwise.  Our experts have over 50 years of experience in solving loft condensation problems. You can contact our team by requesting a survey online or calling 0800 288 8660.