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What Goes Into A Condensation Survey?

Worried that your property might be building up too much condensation? Mounting humidity in your property can lead to damage in your ceilings, floors, walls, and even your furniture. If you are concerned that the condensation building up could compromise your belongings or property, you can always arrange for a professional condensation survey, carried out by the professionally credited and well-experienced surveyors here at Timberwise.

Our team of PCA qualified damp specialists can visit your property not just to assess the level of danger your property faces from condensation, but to discover if you are at risk from further damp based issues in the future.

If condensation is found to be the primary cause for the damp problems in your property, then you can rest assured that our surveyor will be able to deliver a number of different and highly effective condensation solutions in the form of a written report. These condensation solutions, if followed properly, should clear up your condensation problems nicely, and lessen the impact of moisture on your properties walls, ceilings, floors, and contents.

What to Expect From a Condensation Survey

A condensation survey from Timberwise is a straightforward process, during which our team of surveyors will run through a number of tests to establish if you do have condensation based problems, where the most affected areas of your property are, and just how serious the problem is.

The condensation survey itself is a relatively straightforward process, during which our surveyors will run through a number of different tests to establish if you do indeed have condensation based moisture issues, and if so, how serious they are.

Surveyor Checking Loft

When on a Condensation Survey, our Team Will:


  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of your property. Aside from ascertaining the direction of the property in relation to it being north or south facing, our surveyors will identify potential building defects that could be a cause of damp within the property, as well as determine the thickness and construction type of your walls.
  • Carry out a thorough evaluation of any existing ventilation systems that may be within the property, and discover if they are being used correctly and to their maximum potential. This includes testing extraction systems (such as extractor fans) with calibrated anemometers to ascertain the extraction rates and whether they comply with regulated levels.
  • Our surveyors will also inspect the passive ventilation in your property to discover whether the passive ventilation systems in your property are providing  (or contributing to) adequate airflow within the property.
  • We will determine the type of heating being used within the property, and determine how the heating is being used and optimised to heat the property. This will be discussed with the occupant, and will help determine whether it could be a factor in the cause of the condensation-based issues.
  • Where it is possible and permissible, our surveyors will examine both the occupancy levels of the property and the daily habits of the occupants, to better understand how the day-to-day routines within the property might contribute to condensation issues.

Everything that our surveyor does on their visit will be compiled into a written report that will outline how to best control condensation within your property. The specifications within the report, if followed, will ensure that your property is provided with adequate, or upgraded ventilation systems.

This might mean the installation of ventilation systems like a positive pressure system, additional ventilation fans, or even mending currently installed ventilation equipment so that it works to its intended specification.

Our surveyor will also be able to offer advice on your day-to-day lifestyle, and the way in which the property is heated. This is because sometimes, changes in your daily routines or activities can have drastic effects on the way condensation builds up and affects your property.

Should I Consider a Condensation Survey?


Whilst our team are experts at recognising the signs of condensation within a property, it can be more difficult for others to distinguish the signs of damp from the effects of condensation.

For quick reference though, condensation is most common in rooms which produce large amounts of humidity without adequate ventilation available to help vent it from your home. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, home gyms – all of these rooms produce excessive amounts of moisture, and if left unattended and unventilated then you can quickly see the signs of damp and black mould taking hold in your properties.

In these instances, its best advised that you contact the professionals and arrange for a codnensation survey as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Why Choose Timberwise?


Timberwise is a business with over fifty years of experience within the property care industry, and through all that time we have been committed to delivering outstanding service to every single customer that we visit. We are fully backed and accredited by the Property Care Association, a Which? Trusted Trader, and are registered with Checkatrade, and a number of other independent third party organisations.

You can always look through our customer reviews and take a look at our various qualifications and accreditations as a business to make an informed decision on why Timberwise is the right company to help you.

All of our surveyors go through extensive in-house training, with third-party courses and accreditations provided to ensure that the are fully certified and as ready as they can be to undertake a comprehensive survey on your property. These surveys extend to both commercial and domestic properties, and no matter which they are visiting you can rest assured that the Timberwise team will always conduct itself to the highest standard, meeting our estimations and expectations of excellence in the field.

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