Surveyor carrying out condensation survey

What Goes Into A Condensation Survey?

Are you concerned that your property is becoming the victim of condensation? If you are worried that mounting humidity could be damaging your properties walls, ceilings and floors then its best to arrange a professional condensation survey with the highly qualified, skilled and experienced surveyors at Timberwise.

Our team of damp specialists will visit your property and not only assess the level of danger your property faces from condensation, but also identify if there are any further damp issues that you need to be aware of that could lead to problems further down the line.

If the damp issue found is determined to be as a result of condensation, then our surveyor will be able to offer you a number of different highly effective condensation solutions that should clear up your problem, lessening the impact of moisture on your property.

What to Expect From a Condensation Survey

The condensation survey itself is a relatively straightforward process, during which our surveyors may run through a number of different tests to establish if you do indeed have condensation based moisture issues, and if so, how serious they are.

When on a condensation survey, our team will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of your property. Aside from ascertaining the direction of the property in relation to it being north or south facing, our surveyors will identify potential building defects that could be a cause of damp within the property, as well as determine the thickness and construction type of your walls.
  • Carry out a thorough evaluation of any existing ventilation systems that maybe within the property itself, and discover if they are being used correctly and at their maximum potential. This includes testing extraction systems (such as extractor fans) with calibrated anemometers to ascertain the extraction rates and whether they comply with regulated levels.
  • Our surveyors will also inspect the passive ventilation in your property to discover whether the different, passive ventilation systems in your property are providing, or contributing to, adequate air flow within the property.
  • We will also determine the type of heating being used within the property as well as looking at how the heating is used to heat the property. This will be discussed with the occupant, and will help determine whether it could be a factor in the cause of the condensation-based issues.
  • Where it is possible and permissible, our surveyors will examine both the occupancy levels of the property and the daily habits of the occupants, to better understand how the day to day routines within the property might contribute to condensation issues.

All of these inspection services will be combined and compiled to produce a specification to control condensation within the property. The specification will ensure the property is provided with adequate and upgraded ventilation systems in the future if needed, either through the installation of new ventilation systems, insulation, or by upgrading or mending what is currently installed.

Our surveyor will also be able to offer advice on the living style and heating of the property, indicating what changes should be made (if any) in the day to day activities of the occupants in order to reduce the risk of condensation build up.

Should I Consider a Condensation Survey?

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Whilst our team are experts at recognising the signs of condensation within a property, it can be more difficult for others to distinguish the signs of damp from the effects of condensation.

For a quick reference though, condensation is most frequently encountered in rooms that produce a lot of excess humidity without adequate ventilation. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are all frequent contenders for condensation and moisture damage, and if you have begun to notice black mould or damp taking root in your property within areas that frequently withhold moisture, then it could well be time for you to arrange for a specialist to inspect and survey your property for.

Why Choose Timberwise?

Outside of the over fifty years of experience that Timberwise holds within the property care industry, we are committed to the delivery of outstanding service when it comes to property care. Fully backed and accredited by the Property Care Association, Which?, as well as other independent bodies such as Checkatrade, our reputation within the industry is outstanding – don’t take our word for it though, check out our reviews. 

Each of our surveyors receives extensive in-house and third-party training to ensure that they are certified and fully accredited for the surveys that they undertake – including condensation surveys. With the skill to survey commercial as well as domestic properties, you can rest assured that our professional team of surveyors and technicians will conduct themselves at a standard that meets our expectations of excellence in the field.

Book Your Condensation Survey  

Our team of locally-based surveyors in England, Scotland and Wales stand ready to help you put a stop to condensation based damage, so to book your condensation survey with us call 0800 288 8660 to speak to our team, or fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.