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What Causes Condensation?

Condensation is caused by high levels of moisture inside of a property that can not escape and collides with a cold surface e.g. windows and windowsills. The leading cause of condensation is due to the lack of ventilation inside the house.

A daily routine from an average household of 4 people which includes boiling a kettle, having a shower, cooking and breathing contribute to an approximate of 4 pints of water per person, this gives an overall figure of 100 pints a week. The damp air must go somewhere.

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Causes Of Condensation

Condensation can occur in any property but the main cause for condensation is the lack of good ventilation inside of the building. Due to energy savings methods being introduced such as double glazing and draught proofing this traps warm laden air inside of the property.

The more moisture is trapped inside of the property then more chance that condensation will occur. Windows is where you are most likely to find condensation as this is a cold surface. Having good ventilation is the only true way to get rid of condensation. The main causes for condensation are listed down below:

  • Showering and Bathing- if the bathroom is not ventilated then the warm moisture laden air will condense onto the walls which cause for mould growth to occur. Most modern homes are fitted with extractor fans however, if this breaks or becomes faulty then condensation will become a problem.
  • Drying and Washing Clothes Inside- Having clothes dried or washed inside of the house this is common cause for condensation. This usually occurs when homeowners dry clothes on radiators so it is best to do this outside if possible.
  • Cooking- Kitchen is a common area for moisture to build up. When meals are prepared this often releases a lot of water vapour into the air. Another problem when people are cooking is that the extractor van is not used correctly which causes a buildup of moisture in the air.dry clothes on radiator

Is Weather a Cause of Condensation?

The weather itself does not cause condensation but it is more prominent in colder months of the year compared to the summer. The reason why this happens is that people tend to have their heating up and the windows are closed. Once the temperature drops, you will start to see water droplets on the surface of the windowsill.

Problems That Can Occur from Condensation

Having moisture on your wall or window may not seem like a big problem as a homeowner, however, if left for some time this can lead to black mould growth. Not only does this not look attractive at your property but it also can cause problems on your health. Health issues such as skin rashes, sinus problems and can have an effect if you have asthma problems.

How do you stop the causes of Condensation?

There are simple measures that can be carried out by yourself to get rid of condensation and mould. By simply opening your doors and windows when cooking or bathing can help improve the airflow inside of the property.

By making sure your heating is set at an even temperature throughout the day can ensure that condensation does not start forming on cold surfaces. As mentioned previously, having an extractor fan working properly in the kitchen can also prevent warm moisture laden air from rising.

Need Further Advice On Condensation?

Condensation is a particular problem for any homeowner and if not rectified quickly can become a real serious issue. You can speak to our team for specialist advice on what the best solution is to get rid of your damp and mould problem.

It is possible if the simple adjustments in daily activities do not work then you might need the installation of a positive pressure system. Simply contact us online or call 0800 288 8660 for information.