What is a Damp and Timber Report?

A damp and timber report is the process of a survey being carried out to check for the presence of damp problems that may be present before purchasing a property. The survey will also entail the surveyor looking for the presence of timber issues such as dry rot or woodworm infestations. A frequent request from customers is for a damp and timber report which is one of the most common specialist reports for older buildings and is often requested as part of the home buying process.
Mortgage lenders/building surveyors often ask for a damp and timber report so that you and they can be satisfied that the structure of the building is free from excessive moisture, wood boring insects or wood rotting fungi that can attack the walls and timber within the building. A majority of building surveyors will recommend a damp and timber report, as soon as their moisture meter highlights that moisture is present in the fabric of the building or there is evidence of a woodworm attack. The mortgage lender would also usually require the company carrying out the damp and timber survey to be a member of the Property Care Association (PCA).                  Trustmark logo   GPICHAS Request a PCA approved damp and timber survey

What Goes into a Damp and Timber Survey?

Surveyor drawing plans on tablet inside a property It takes a qualified expert to spot potential problems with a damp and timber infestation in a building and to ensure that any problems are diagnosed correctly.

Assess the Exteriors of the Property

Our damp and timber surveyors will survey the exterior of the property, identifying any potential defects that may lead to damp ingress or timber decay in the future­ from the chimney pot, roof and rainwater goods through to the external ground levels and the sub­floor ventilation of the property.

The Condition of the Damp Proof Course

Next, the surveyor will establish if the property already has an existing damp proof course of any description installed and if so of what type. The surveyor will also look out for high ground levels which may lead to a bridging of the damp proof course and potentially cause decay in any adjacent timbers.

Check for Signs of Damp and Timber Related Problems

Internally, ground floor walls are profiled for signs of dampness. Where carpets can easily be pulled back timbers beneath will be inspected. Where we have permission, floorboards may also be lifted where possible to examine the sub floor void and the condition of the timbers. Timbers on the first floor of the building will be examined for signs of dry rot or woodworm beetle infestation. Once again where possible, carpets will be pulled back for floorboards (and where possible the voids and timbers beneath) to be examined. The surveyor will also look into the roof void for signs of dampness, fungal decay or beetle infestation.

Compile Detailed Damp and Timber Report

The damp and timber surveyor will then compile a full written report (including where necessary a sketch plan detailing if damp proofing, woodworm or dry rot treatments need to be carried out). Should you have any questions about the report you will have the contact details for our damp and timber surveyor who will answer any questions you may have.

How Much Does a Damp and Timber Survey Cost?

The cost of having a damp survey is dependent on a number of different variables. While some damp problems can be easily fixed than others, the more common fixes are the installation of a damp proof course. If you are wanting to learn about the cost of the damp and timber surveys we provide then please call 0800 288 8660 or request a survey online.

How the Surveys are Carried Out

  • Booking a Survey– Once you’ve contacted Timberwise via 0800 288 8660 or filling a request a survey form you can outline what the issues that are causing problems in your property.If the survey controller believes that there is a cause for concern, then they will arrange a convenient time and date that is best suited to you for a survey to be carried out.
  • Surveyor Visit– Surveyor will provide a full inspection of the property and conduct a survey detailing any problems that they have detected.
  • Written Report- A report will be sent to you outlining the issues discussed on the day of the inspection and provide any initial costs of the repairs that you may need.

Contacting the damp and timber specialists

We have surveyors that cover England, Wales and Scotland and to arrange a damp and timber survey through Timberwise is quick and easy. You can book a survey by calling us on 0800 288 8660 or completing our on­line survey request form and your local Timberwise team will get in touch to arrange the survey for you.

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