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Damp Control

For property owners in the UK, dampness in buildings and rising damp is one of the most frequent problems encountered on a regular basis. Aside from the fact that damp can negatively affect the way that your property looks, it can also lead to a number of more serious issues including heat loss and timber decay. It can also cause damage to the plasterboard and internal decorations through the hygroscopic ground salts that it produces.

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For over five decades, Timberwise has been helping businesses to solve any damp problems plaguing their property. A contractor that you can trust, Timberwise are a full member of the Property Care Association and have a proven track record of delivering.

Damp can be caused for several reasons for example; poor servicing of the property, poor build quality, design deficiencies within the property or general deterioration of the building fabric. If left untreated damp issues tend to worsen and may result in additional problems within the property, for instance, dry rot or wet rot.

The longer the time period that the damp is left the more damage it will eventually cause to internal decorations of the property creating unnecessary disruption to the occupants.

Timberwise can assist commercial customers with various damp issues including rising damp, penetrating damp and dampness through condensation.

Our Commercial Damp Control services

Rising damp on walls

Rising Damp

Here at Timberwise, we are experts in property care and if you are experiencing rising damp within then it is important that you contact the professionals. We offer two key types of damp proofing – DryTek, our own damp proofing cream, and Electro Osmotic Damp proofing.

Penetrating damp on walls

Penetrating Damp

If you suspect that you are having problems with penetrating damp then this could be a result of poor property maintenance. Here at Timberwise, our experts can assess the matter immediately and provide you with sound advice on how to prevent the problem from arising again.

Commercial Condensation

Condensation Control

If you are experiencing condensation control issues then this could be a result of a lack of airflow and ventilation in the property. Fortunately, Timberwise are here to help as our team of experts are on hand of the best condensation control remedies to ensure the problem is dealt with.

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