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Condensation Control & Treatments

Timberwise have been helping commercial customers with condensation problems for many years. We work with many businesses and housing associations to help combat condensation in properties. Condensation is one of the most common forms of dampness found in buildings and can lead to all manner of problems from peeling wallpapers through to unhealthy living conditions and mould growth issues.

The reason that problems with condensation are on the increase are because of increased standards of insulation, double glazing and draught proofing making properties more air tight and resulting in moisture laden air staying within the property.

Treating Condensation

There are a few simple treatments to help control condensation levels within properties:

  • Improve the heating and insulation within the property.
  • Prevent excess moisture in the air spreading (For example shut bathroom and kitchen doors).
  • Avoid if possible using portable or LPG gas heaters. These types of heater are the cause of many condensation problems in properties.
  • Using dehumidifiers will only help control the symptoms of the problem and not the actual root cause of the condensation problem. They can also be very intrusive and noisy as well as costly to run.
  • Having a positive pressure ventilation system installed will control and remove the stale air from the property.
  • Using bleach and other such products to remove the mould does not work as it does not kill the mould spores. Using a professional mould eradication kit will kill the mould spores for good. The Timberwise mould eradication kit is ideal for properties with that have a mild condensation mould problem. The kit includes everything needed to remove mould from surfaces and alleviate the unsightly problems of mould.
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How is condensation formed?

Condensation is caused through a lack of adequate ventilation within the property. When warm moist air meets cooler air (or a cold surface) the air is unable to retain the moisture and water molecules are released in the form of condensation. This is particularly visible on surface, walls and windows where it can lead to further damp problems within the property.

How to spot if condensation treatment is required

By and large condensation is noticeable and easy to spot when it forms on non-absorbent surfaces for example windows or tiles. On more absorbent surfaces however it may go unnoticed until mould growth or damage to decorative finishes occurs. The mould growth is normally associated with a musty smell. It is at this stage that you may need advice on controlling condensation within the property.

Our solutions

Timberwise offers a range of innovative solutions to help alleviate the problems associated with poor air quality within buildings. Our solutions include:

Envirowise Fans
Fans are used to improve ventilation in properties where poor ventilation has been identified as an issue. Our range of kitchen and bathroom fans feature the latest in ventilation technology giving complete peace of mind that the fan will provide reliable service for many years.
Envirowise EnergySaver Sensamatic
This silent running fan is designed to provide an extremely cost effective energy saving solution to air quality needs. This fan features mechanical shutters to prevent draughts coming in, a state of the art humidity sensor to anticipate the need to switch on and a high performance 12v ball bearing motor to give you good dependable service. All Sensematic fans also benefit from a 5 year guarantee and the fan unit as well as full technical back up.
Envirowise EnergySaver Datamatic
Featuring all the benefits of the EnergySaver Sensamatic range the Datamatic has the capacity to also store information on the relative humidity, temperature, vapour pressure, dew point and the run time of the fan. Ideal for social housing where data capture is a requirement.
Envirowise Humidifan
Our entry level fan provides a cost effective solution to Air Quality issues. Featuring a 240v ball bearing motor it is silent running and comes with a 3 year warranty.
Envirowise EnergySaver DriAir Positive Pressure Systems
The system works by introducing fresh, dry, filtered ambient air into the property. This ‘clean’ air is circulated around the property diluting and displacing the stale and moist air and ultimately reducing the humidity levels to control condensation. Versions are available for flats, apartments and houses.

The features of our DriAir system are:
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Operation
  • Pre heat facility
  • Four speed settings
  • LED filter change indicator
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