Rising Damp

Put plainly, Rising damp is water that enters the structure of the building by means of capillary action.

Rising Damp can easily develop within walls in ground-floor areas, either:

  • When the Damp Proof Course (DPC) is damaged or perhaps ineffective
  • Where the DPC has been ‘bridged’ allowing moisture to rise past it
  • In some older properties where there may be no DPC in the first place
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Types of Damp proofing

Here at Timberwise we offer two key types of damp proofing – DriWise our damp proofing cream and Electro Osmotic Damp proofing.

Rising damp treatment being applied

Timberwise DriWise damp proofing cream

DriWise is a unique to the Timberwise damp proofing system; complete with a 20 year guarantee to give you peace of mind, this system is water-based and works when it’s injected into walls. By injection into pre-drilled holes, this damp proof system is introduced along the mortar course for maximum effect. As a result, DriWise diffuses before curing to develop a continual water-repellent screen and this helps to stop dampness from rising up the wall. The chance of fluid leaking into neighbouring properties is also heavily reduced as there is no pressure used through the injection process. DriWise has been approved by the BBA (British Board of Agreement). The BBA is an independent assessment body that is a partner of the Government. The Agreement Certificate for DriWise is 03/3991.

Electro Osmotic System

Timberwise Electro Osmotic System ( EOS ) – Electro Osmotic Damp proofing

Electro osmotic damp proofing functions by releasing a tiny electric current within the wall via titanium anodes that are positioned into the brickwork. Any rising moisture molecules are repelled back down the wall as a direct result of the electrical charge and this helps to damp proof the property. As a chemical free system, it can generally be used in properties of any structure or age.

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