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At Timberwise, we have local damp proofing specialists in Harrogate, who are able to provide all manner of guidance to solve all of your property care problems. We are a long established damp proofing company, since 1968, offering our customers the highest standards of quality and service.

We have been working with the people of Harrogate and North Yorkshire for over 50 years, so you can trust us to carry out the very best service possible. We pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding our customers expectations consistently so give us a call on 01423 847545.

Our surveyors are certified by the Property Care Association (PCA) and we are also accredited with the Basement Waterproofing Association, Which? Trusted Trader and Checkatrade.

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What You Can Expect from a Damp Survey in Harrogate

Our Qualified Surveyors will:

  • Identify the type of damp issue within the property – be it rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation
  • Investigate the root causes of the damp by determining the source of the moisture
  • Analyse the existing damp proof course (if there is one) or inspect any problems with the building structure
  • Look out for potential future problems caused as a result of damp – stop issues before they become a problem
  • Provide you with an initial brief of what damp treatments might be needed in the property to keep it in tip top condition
  • Compile a full written report (in either hard copy or email form) detailing the issues along with what damp proofing works need carrying out
Harrogate surveyor conducting a damp survey

Surveyor conducting a damp survey

Rising Damp Harrogate

Rising damp is a form of dampness that is present in walls as a result of the water underground or next to walls rising through the fabric of the wall. Rising damp often a particular problem in older buildings where the damp proof course (DPC) has become damaged in some way. This form of damp can also occur when the ground level around the house has been raised so it is higher than the damp proof course- such as by the addition of a path or driveway.

Rising damp present affecting a property in Harrogate

Rising damp present affecting the property in Harrogate

There are simple checks that can be made by yourself without the assistance of a damp surveyor to see if the potential for damp in the house. Just by looking and running your hands around the suspected rising damp areas will give a good indication if there is a rising damp problem present within the property.

The typical signs of rising damp include the following:

  1. Horizontal brown or discloured marks to be seen up to 1 meter in height on interior walls. These marks will be damp to the touch and are otherwise known as ‘Tide Marks’
  2. Plaster will visually appear to ‘bubble’ and peel away from the interior walls as a direct result of dampness
  3. Wooden beading and skirting boards will become damaged as well as brittle and eventually show visual  signs of deterioration
  4. Mould thrives in damp conditions and will appear on walls
  5. Walls will feel cold and damp to the touch

Penetrating Damp in Harrogate

Penetrating damp is the common name for the process of moisture being built up horizontally through walls of the building. It can often be misdiagnosed as rising damp.

Penetrating damp can lead to further, more serious issues if left untreated such as wood rot, increased heat loss from the property, frost damage into masonry as well as unsightly water damage on both the outside and inside of a property.

Sign of penetrating damp in Harrogate

Sign of penetrating damp in Harrogate

Fortunately, there are several indicators that make identifying penetrating damp relatively easily. In particular, you should look out for:

  • A presence of a damp musty smell
  • Damage to internal walls (skirting boards) or external (roofing)
  • Patchy black mould appearing internally on walls
  • Watermarks appearing on the masonry
  • Damaged timber as a result of the wood being saturated by damp – this can then lead to the presence of dry rot and other such wood rotting fungi

How Damp Proofing in Harrogate is Carried Out?

Once the damp problem has been identified by the Harrogate damp proofing specialist, then the surveyor will write a detailed report explaining what damp treatment will be needed to be carried out to get rid of the problem.

Damp proofing carried out at Harrogate property

Damp proofing carried out at Harrogate property

At Timberwise we provide a number of damp proofing solutions including The DryTek Damp Proofing System, electro damp proofing and WeatherTek. All these damp treatments help protect your property by not only treating the problem but also prevent damp from occurring again in the future.

We would always recommend contacting a damp specialist as soon as possible to ensure that your property is not affected by more serious issues such as dry rot.

Contact Our Harrogate Damp Specialists

For any property owner in Harrogate and the surrounding area with a damp issue, it is essential that the correct and most efficient damp proofing method is carried out to ensure that the property is made dry and damp free again.

Having a damp specialist in Harrogate conduct a survey at your property can ensure that the damp problem is correctly identified from both the interior and the exterior of the property.

The surveyors will also diagnose the type of damp issue that is affecting your property as well as providing you with a full report detailing what treatments we recommend need to be carried out.

By leaving a damp issue unresolved further disturbances and problems may occur. Damp can spread and progress through your property, potentially leading to more serious problems been present such as dry rot and wet rot.

If you need any help or advice with any damp issues that are causing problems to your property then call us on 01423 847545 or by requesting a survey by filling in the form at the top of the page.

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