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Anti-Condensation Paint

Keeping mould away and heat where you need it most

Our anti-condensation paint called ThermalTek is a thermally insulating and water repelling, water-based paint that incorporates ‘Micro-technology’. The micro, hollow glass beads act like a miniature ‘Thermos Flask’ reflecting thermal energy away from the wall, preventing the water from condensing. As a result mould growth is inhibited.

Using anti-condensation paint, such as ThermalTek, is the ideal solution for cold internal walls, such as those that are external facing, as well as walls that are subjected to high levels of moisture, as found in kitchens and bathrooms.

This specialist anti-condensation paint, or as we call it ‘Climate Control Coating’, increases the wall temperature, thus reducing the ‘dew point’ or the temperature at which condensation occurs.

Accredited to

Nic Glover

Branch Manager and Waterproofing Design Specialist CSRT CSSW
North East

Advantages of Uaing A Anti Condenstation Paint

      • Reduces the risk of condensation
      • Prevents the formation of black mould and other harmful fungi
      • Warm air is reflected back into the room increasing the overall temperature
      • It can take upto 60% longer for condensation to occur
      • Can be over painted or wallpapered over with any finish, without a reduction in effectiveness
      • Increases the life of your chosen paint or wallpaper finish

Prior to applying ThermalTek if there are signs of black mould on the walls this would need to be removed prior to applying ThermalTek. The most thorough way to remove black mould is by using a mould removal kit. These can be also purchased safely and securely on-line.

All the products you need for mould free warm walls

ThermalTek can be used as a standalone solution to put a stop to ongoing black mould issues as a result of cold walls as a result of the positioning of the property or through areas of wall where insulation may be missing or inadequate making

ThermalTek can be used injunction with other products in our range of specialist damp solutions as part of a targeted approach to target damp in properties.

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ThermalTek - Climate Control Coating

ThermalTek advanced Climate Control Coating is available in 5 litre  (£89.00 inc VAT and Delivery). Coverage: 5 Litres will cover 20m2 in total (based on 2 coats)

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Mould removal kit

Professional Mould Eradication Kit

The 12 m² Timberwise Condensation Mould Kit from Timberwise will give you long lasting protection against mould and a professional job for just £59.95 inc VAT – and delivery.

Compare this to other more expensive treatments for condensation and mould which can run into £ thousands and you can see what value for money this mould eradication kit is. This kit is ideal preparation for using ThermalTek Climate Control Coating.

To purchase a Condensation Mould Kit, simply click below!

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EcoTek Value Mould Removal Kit

The simple to use EcoTek Super Value Mould Removal kit has a coverage of between 10 – 15M² and is available for Only: £36.95 (inc VAT and delivery). This kit is suitable for areas of light mould growth and is perfect as a preparation treatment before using ThermalTek Climate Control Coating.

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WeatherTek Masonry Protection

When masonry gets wet, it gets cold and cold walls mean cold buildings as heat escapes much more readily. Protect your home from penetrating damp and increase the thermal efficiency of masonry with WeatherTek

Find out more about WeatherTek

EnviraTek range of Sensamatic fans

The EnviraTek range of extractor fans from Timberwise is designed to automatically sense the relative humidity within a room and switch on to reduce the humidity to a pre-set level.

All fans in the EnergySaver Sensamatic range benefit from state of the art microprocessor controlled ceramic sensors which guarantee low maintenance whilst providing a reliable service.

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