Rising damp

What is Rising Damp?

What exactly is rising damp?

What is rising damp? This is a common question asked by customers time and time again at Timberwise. Rising damp is the term used for the movement of water from the ground rising up through the outer walls of the building via capillary action.

What are the causes of rising damp?

If your property is not protected by a rising damp barrier (otherwise known as a damp proof course or DPC) then rising damp is more than likely going to occur at some point. Rising damp occurs by drawing moisture from the ground via capillary action. The moisture will only reach a certain height though approx. 1 meter. Salt deposits may be found higher in the wall, this is as a result of the use of paints, vinyl wallpapers and tanking systems.

What does rising damp look like?

The most notable sign that rising damp is present in your home is that there will be “tide mark” present on the wall that will rise up to 1 meter in height. Other clear signs that you have rising damp are peeling wallpaper and salts deposits on the plaster of the wall.

Pictures below show what rising damp looks like and for more information on how to identify rising damp then click the link.

Rising damp present on wallsRising damp on walls

What can be done to treat rising damp?

Before you contact a rising damp specialist, you should take a little time to understand if it is, in fact, rising damp that is affecting your property. Our “what is damp” web page will help to explain in a jargon free way what type of damp issue you have and could avoid you having unnecessary damp proofing works carried out.

If rising damp is affecting your property then visit our “rising damp treatment” page which will provide some helpful guidance on what treatments can be used to cure a rising damp problem.

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