How We Treat Dry Rot

When dealing with a severe house destroying fungus such as dry rot it is always best to seek specialist advice. At Timberwise, we have nearly fifty years of experience in dry rot treatments.

Our experienced and certificated surveyors will locate your problem, judge its severity and produce a suitable and specific solution to ensure your home is free from danger and protected for the future.

Dry Rot Survey

To treat dry rot, our trained Technicians and Surveyors will:

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Damaged Timber

1) Gain Access to Repair Infected Wood

Our trained technicians will remove any infected wood as well as any wall plaster that will allow us to directly access the area under attack.

Penetrating damp

2) Stop the Source of Moisture

Following a dry rot survey, the first job is to identify and eradicate sources of moisture, and promote rapid drying from the area - this is key to preventing further outbreaks of dry rot. By controlling the moisture, this will enable the structure to dry out and prevent dry rot spores from germinating.

Dry Rot Treatment

3) Treat The Dry Rot

Some areas of outbreak may also need to be treated with a masonry biocide and fungicide pastes in order to prevent further attacks of wood rotting fungi and/or wood boring insects.

Replacing timber

4) Replace Timbers

Having treated the timber, one of the final procedures we undertake is to remove infected material, replace/repair and consider engineering methods to isolate structural timbers.

Improving Ventilation

5) Improve Underfloor Ventilation

One of the preventative methods that we use to get rid of dry rot is to improve the ventilation within a property. Air flow will also help to get rid of the outbreak by aiding the drying process. It may also be necessary to install a mechanical ventilation solution to remove moisture-laden air from the property. By improving air flow, we are removing one of the contributing causes of dry rot.

6) Prevent any possibility of an attack reoccurring.

Finally our surveyors will advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property.

If you are concerned about the possibility of a dry rot outbreak in your property, do not hesitate to give Timberwise a call on 0800 288 8660, or alternatively request a survey by clicking here. A survey through Timberwise will be able to identify the full extent of the problem and determine whether any for of dry rot treatment is necessary.

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