Flood Restoration

Closeup of sand bags protecting a property from flooding

Flood Restoration

Flood remediation work should always be carried out by experts, and if you or your client’s property has been flooded then you should call in the help of flood restoration specialists to make sure it’s taken care of properly.

Timberwise provides the highest quality flood restoration service, to help your client’s property recover quickly from flood damage. Our experts are able to offer you guidance and advice on how to dry your building and prevent any further decay following a flood.

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After a Flood

Our services for flooded properties include:

  1. – Sanitising all areas in the property that are affected by foul/black water
  2. – Stripping out of damaged timber from your property
  3. – Allowing the property to dry out naturally through the use of our cavity drain membrane systems
  4. – Treating affected areas – for example,  putting in place new flooring and skirting boards
  5. – Evaluate the requirement for a new damp proof course, and where necessary install a new damp proof course
  6. – Where the property has a basement or cellar evaluate the need for basement waterproofing, and where necessary install waterproofing solutions – for example, sump and pump systems
  7. – Treat, and where necessary, replace timbers to defend against dry rot/fungal decay taking hold at a later date
  8. – Improve water repellency of external brickwork


Flood Restoration Problems? Call 0800 288 8660 or…

How we can help:

1. Assist in the restoration process of the flooded property

We are able to carry out investigations and identify potential risk areas which could be subject to degradation or fungal decay, over time the risk of dry rot problems and latent defects will decrease and this will help with the drying out process.



2. Offer effective maintenance to areas of the property which have been affected

On a daily basis we deal with rising and penetrating damp, and this can help you out when it comes to dealing with a flooded property. If you have suffered from damage as the result of water ingress then we can help to provide a number of solutions. These issues don’t always arise straight away, sometimes they will come up some time after the flooding has occurred.



3. Introduce greater long-term resilience to future flood water ingress through our refurbishment and repair solutions

If you are looking to give your property a better resilience to floods then undertaking repairs can help this, and we are ideally placed to help you out. Timberwise meets tough criteria as a current member of the PCA Flood Remediation Group and this means we can provide quality advice and guidance on how to dry your property effectively and help to prevent decay after the flood.

Trust Timberwise

Timberwise work in conjunction with insurers and loss adjusters and know the best way to deal with properties that have suffered with flood damage. We are a reliable and trusted property care company with over 50 years of expertise in solving problems caused by water to property.