Property Care Services

Timberwise provides a number of property care services for properties across England, Wales and Scotland. We have been providing our services for over 50 years. We are specialists in damp proofing, dry rot and woodworm treatment to condensation control and basement waterproofing. Timberwise are registered members of the Property Care Association, and are accredited with Which? Trusted Traders, so you can expect the very best service to be carried out at your property.
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Damp Proofing

We have been damp proofing properties throughout the UK for over 50 years. Our expertise and long standing knowledge ensure the highest standard of damp proofing work whether that be treating rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and more.

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Dry Rot

Dry Rot

Dry rot can be one of the most devastating attacks your home can experience. At Timberwise we have the knowledge and experience working with dry rot that is essential to the eradication.

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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Timberwise have been keeping dampness at bay for over 50 years and are specialists in basement waterproofing. Through our expertise and contemporary methods of waterproofing, our specialists can ensure and guarantee a dry basement which is fit for purpose.

Basement waterproofing solutions to damp basement problems
Wet Rot

Wet Rot

Wet rot is usually a tell-tale sign that there are underlying issues with a property. Wet rot can often lead to further issues, take a read through our wet rot pages to see how we can help.

Wet rot and treatments explained by rot specialists
Woodworm Infestation


These wood boring insects have between a two and five year life cycle, living within the wood until breaking out and creating holes in the timber. Effective treatment can ensure an infestation free home for many years.

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Cavity Wall Ties

Timberwise have fully trained and experienced surveyors who have a range of solutions at their disposal to solve your cavity wall tie problem. Our surveyor will recommend the most suitable structural repair for your property as well as providing a written report for the work to be carried out.

How to identify and replace damaged cavity wall ties
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Radon Gas

Radon gas is the UK's second largest cause of lung cancer which is why, at Timberwise we are keen to spread to message to help reduce radon levels in your home or commercial property.

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Structural Repairs

Timberwise are not only experts in providing homeowners with damp proofing and timber treatments but we are also able to provide homeowners with a range of structural repairs to keep your home in tip top condition.

Discover the range of structural repairs that Timberwise can offer
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Damp & Timber Reports

Mortgage lenders / building surveyors often ask for a damp and timber report so that you and they can be satisfied that the structure of the building is free from excessive moisture, wood boring insects or wood rotting fungi that can attack the walls and timber within the building.

Information about our range of damp and timber reports

Damp, Rot and Woodworm Services

Damp and timber issues can affect both residential and commercial properties. The most important part of the process of treating the timber and damp issue the identifying the property care problem. Rising damp and penetrating damp do have similar signs to each other so it is essential that you contact a qualified property care expert to inspect your home to ensure that the correct treatments are carried out.


Damp problems are particularly common in older housing as the original damp protection has been damaged or has not been implemented. One of the causes for rising damp to occur in your building is for you to have a damaged damp proof course as there is no barrier to protect the moisture from rising up the wall. Condensation occurs from heavy levels of warm moisture laden air in your property that cannot escape from the property and lands onto a cold surface. The common sign of condensation is droplets of water left on windows and windowsills and black spot mould. Penetrating usually when there is heavy rainfall and if you have damaged rainwater goods the water can penetrate through the walls of your property. This will leave damp patches in the interior of the property which can lead to further problems such as dry rot and wet rot.

Dry rot and Wet Rot

Dry rot and wet rot is a wood-rotting fungus that occurs when damp has affected the timber and the moisture content has exceeded over 20%. Both wood rot fungus can usually be found where is poorly ventilated areas such as under floorboards. Dry rot is the most dangerous form of property care issue that can cause serious damage to your building if left untreated for a long period of time. Wet rot can cause damage to your property but it is not as destructive as dry rot. However, wet rot is much more likely to occur on your property and it can be hard to notice as wet rot can be found in hard to reach places. To treat wet rot the first procedure is to extract the moisture from its source and to make sure the area around the timber is dried out.


Woodworm is a general term for wood boring insects and there are many different types of woodworm beetle species that can affect your property. Woodworm beetles are the most prominent during the months from April to September. This type of property care problem is affecting a number of properties across the UK are being affected by this issue. Providing an early identification of the woodworm and understanding the full extent of the issue is a key element to developing into a more serious problem.

Reasons for Having a Property Survey

Some signs that you might have a damp and timber problem occurring in your home can be identified and treated by yourself. However, it is important that you contact a property care specialist to make sure that your timber and damp issue is not only treated now but also treated for any future issues.