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Waterproofing Brickwork

Penetrating damp can a big problem to fix and in this guide, we will help you by explaining why it is important to waterproof your brickwork and masonry from water penetration and how one of our products can help achieve this.

Why Should You Protect your Brick Walls?

Brick walls are not waterproof which means they are vulnerable to the penetration of damp from outside. Even modern properties are still susceptible to damp causing problems within the brickwork.

If the dampness is left untreated then it can lead to damage within the property and another common damp related problem that of black mould.

It is a well known fact that damp walls are not effective at keeping heat where it is needed most – in the home. Thermal resistance levels in walls drop considerably as the wall becomes damper and damper.

According to the UK Met office, it rains on average in the UK for 156 days a year therefore protecting your property from penetrating dampness has to be a good thing!

Not all walls are easy to insulate for example, single skin brick or stone. With these types of walls traditional cavity wall insulation is not an option, external insulation is not only costly but also not visually appealing and internal insulation may prove to be impractical.

According to the English House Condition survey carried out in 2007 approximately a third of Britain’s housing stock falls into this category.

If you are seeing signs of penetrating damp or want to reduce the chances of it occurring in the future, then using a trustworthy product for waterproofing brickwork is vital.

How to Waterproof Brickwork?

Finding the root cause of the penetrating damp problem is the first step to protecting your home. Before any brick waterproofing can be carried out, all cracks in walls, building faults or if there is a faulty mortar will first have to be fixed.

Once the structural integrity of the property has been sorted then the masonry protection cream can be utilised.

When masonry gets wet, it gets cold and cold walls mean cold buildings as heat escapes much more readily.  A masonry protection cream, also known as a water repellent, is a colourless, breathable, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete, and stone walls.

It can be simply applied by adding the water repellent cream onto the untreated brick wall by using a brush or roller.

The cream is useful in that it stops penetrating damp without changing the appearance of the wall.

Our Own Masonry Waterproofing Protection

At Timberwise we have our very own masonry protection cream which is called WeatherTek. Not only does it protect brickwork from rain penetration, but it is proven to reduce heat loss in properties with single skin walls by up to 29%.

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How does WeatherTek Masonry Protection Cream work?

WeatherTek is based on carefully selected silanes and siloxanes which line the pores of the masonry to form a water-repellent silicone matrix. Because it works by lining the pores rather than blocking them, the masonry is allowed to breathe, and does not suffer from an increased risk of frost damage (spalling).

Due to its novel formulation and deep penetration, WeatherTek is highly resistant to UV light and other forms of degradation, resulting in a life expectancy of 20-30 years.

Did you know?

Scientific studies have found that wet bricks transfer heat twice as quickly as dry bricks.

The Benefits of Using Waterproofing Brickwork and Masonry

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Protection Against Rain Penetration

WeatherTek will protect against water penetrating through the pores of bricks, mortar and stone. It will provide protection against rain penetrating through cracks in the masonry smaller than 0.3mm.

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Energy saving

By providing in-depth protection against moisture ingress, WeatherTek is able to save energy. Scientific tests demonstrate that energy savings of up to 29% are possible by improving thermal qualities through using WeatherTek.

WeatherTek is a cost effective solution that you can have applied to your property to reduce the energy that is wasted through damp porous walls.

Using our brickwork waterproofing solution, it is also able to cure bridging of the cavity following the installation of cavity wall insulation and ensures that the insulation performs to optimum levels, saving you money in heating and maintenance costs.

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Life Expectancy

The application of waterproofing repellent cream requires knowledge, care and attention, all of which our technicians have gained throughout years of experience in the property care industry.

In trusting our team of highly skilled technicians you can guarantee that you will receive the maximum benefits of using waterproofing brickwork protection on your property.

Our knowledgeable technicians will prepare the outside of the property and apply in line with the individual specification recommended by your Timberwise surveyor.

Other benefits include the following:
• Tested to BS EN 15148:2002 on a variety of different bricks and stones.
• Keeps pores open allowing the building to ‘breath.’
• Manufactured in the UK under ISO9001/14001 quality and environmental management system.

Waterproofing Masonry Protection FAQs

How Long Does masonry waterproofing last?

This is often dependent on the type of masonry protection cream you use but it is expected to last for at least 20 years before having to reapply the coating again.

What is the difference between damp proof paint and masonry waterproofing cream?

One of the biggest differences between damp proof paint and masonry waterproofing cream is that damp proof paint is used for external use. Damp proof paint is best designed to protect against damp on the internal walls of the house.

Masonry waterproofing cream is colourless compared to damp proof paint, which is either black, grey or white.

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