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Make sure you don’t sign until you’ve seen a damp & timber survey.

Why Do I Need a Damp & Timber Survey?

If you are just stepping onto the property ladder or looking to make the move to a new home, then the very last thing you want after moving in is to be stung by the sudden appearance of damp in your walls, or rot in the wooden beams that keep your property secure.

Luckily, a thorough damp and timber survey conducted by our Property Care Association (PCA) accredited surveyors is a quick, inexpensive and concise way to get peace of mind on your new home’s structural security before you sign.

It’s not just for your own peace of mind though. You will find that mortgage lenders and building surveyors will often ask for damp and timber reports just so they can have a comprehensive understanding of a building’s integrity and risk before they offer or invest money into it.

A damp and timber report isn’t just for you then. It’s a valuable tool that will smooth out the entire buying process.

What Do We Look for in a Damp & Timber Survey?


A damp and timber survey looks for all the signs that point to damp being present in the home, as well as looking for all the potential timber-related issues such as dry rot or woodworm which could be present.

Now, it might not be obvious to many what the signs of damp or woodworm could be, but to our expert surveyors, the signs couldn’t be clearer. They will check the exterior and the interior of the property thoroughly for these signs, producing a full written report (and sketches when necessary) with not only their findings but the suggestions and recommended actions to take to remove and avoid any recurring damp or timber-related problems in the future.

Why Choose Timberwise?

At Timberwise we value honesty and integrity above all else. We are the UK’s largest family-run property care and repair specialists and have over five decades of experience in delivering peace of mind to our customers through surveys, repairs, and property preservation services in both commercial and private settings.

We are fully accredited members of the Property Care Association (PCA), Which Trusted Traders, Trust Mark Endorsed – the list goes on, but rest assured that we are professionally certified to present you with a full and accurate image of the home you want to move into, removing any risk or danger of damp or unfit timber from the equation before you have committed. Our regional specific surveyors will be able to offer you a local service

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