HealthTek – Property Health Check

Did you know: After title issues, surveys result in more property sales falling through than any other factor?

HealthTek - Property Health CheckEveryday house sales fall through because a surveyor acting for the purchaser spots a defect and the potential purchaser is scared off as a result. With a Property Health Check from Timberwise, this situation can be avoided making for a much smoother house selling process.

Everybody knows that when you are buying a house that you will need to have a survey carried out. However, sellers often overlook that they can increase the odds of selling their home for a good price by having a survey carried out on the property themselves.

So, don’t wait for potential buyers to get a survey carried out on your home – get a Property Health Check from Timberwise before you put your house on the market to ensure there are no hidden surprises.

Having a Property Health Check inspection from Timberwise means you can find out about and fix any timber and damp related issues with your property before your potential buyer’s even steps through the door.

When a potential buyer commissions a survey and finds hidden defects, such as dampness, that you were not aware of they then have the grounds to renegotiate on the price. Ultimately, by having a Property Health Check you can save some money by having any timber and damp issues which are uncovered fixed before your potential buyer is aware of them. This way you can control the fixing of any issues, rather than having to sell your house at a lower price.

Timberwise has over 50 years’ experience in providing solutions for timber and damp related problems so you can be sure your property will be in ‘tip top’ condition when the first buyer comes through the door.

What Goes into a Property Health Check?

• Exterior inspection – checking for potential defects that may lead to damp ingress or timber decay. Areas such as chimney pot, roof and rainwater goods.
• External ground levels and sub floor ventilation of the property.
• Check of existing damp proof course (if present) along with identifying if high ground levels are bridging the damp proof course.
• Internal inspection – profiling of ground floor walls for dampness.
• Where we have permission carpets may be pulled back and floorboards lifted to examine the subfloor void area.
• Timbers on the first floor will be examined for signs of rot and wood boring beetle infestation.
• The roof void will be inspected for signs of dampness, fungal decay and beetle infestation.
The surveyor will compile and issue you with a report detailing the findings of the Property Health Check along with any recommendations for work that would be required prior to marketing the property.

The Cost of a Property Health Check Survey

For just £225 (inc VAT) you can have confidence that when you put your house on the market there won’t be any hidden surprises for either you or a prospective buyer making selling your property easier.

Arranging a Property Health Check couldn’t be easier

To arrange a convenient time for a local surveyor to visit your property and conduct a Property Health Check couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the form below or call your local customer services team on 0800 288 8660.


The Property Health Check from Timberwise is an advisory service and should not be relied upon as a building survey. The service is intended to assist homeowners by providing guidance on the condition of a property which an owner can then subsequently choose to remedy before approaching the marketplace. The service will only be carried out by a Timberwise surveyor.