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Property Care and Preservation Services

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Timberwise have been caring for properties UK wide for over 50 years and have built a reputation for providing a quality and professional service.

Timberwise are experts in the treatment of Dry and Wet Rot, Rising Damp and Woodworm as well as Basement Waterproofing and Condensation Control

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We offer our services nationwide with Timberwise branches across the country. We offer quality services which we are proud of to every home and business in England and Wales.

Long Term Guarantees

Our professional experience has been gained over 5 decades and is backed up by long-term guarantees. We provide Specialist Property Care and Preservation services for both domestic and commercial properties so no matter what the scale of the issue may be, our experts have the knowledge and skills to make your property great again.

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Your property is likely to be the largest single investment you will ever make and with Timberwise you will have the peace of mind that professional excellence comes as standard. You can trust Timberwise to provide you with the ideal solution for all your property preservation needs.

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From start to finish the whole process was very well managed, from Ella with my initial enquiry, to the survey from Peter and the work carried out by Ryan. Excellent communication from Ryan and the job was done really efficiently and promptly. So much better in every respect than other companies I have dealt with. It makes such a difference to deal with pleasant, positive people. Many thanks for all your work!

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Damp Proofing Services

For any property owner with a damp issue, it is essential that the correct and most efficient damp proofing method is carried out to ensure that the property is made dry and damp free again. Our specialist surveyors can identify damp problems from both the interior and the exterior of the property.

The surveyors will also diagnose the damp issue that is affecting your home as well as provide a report detailing which treatment needs to be carried out. By failing to recognise the issue initially and leaving it unchecked further disturbances and problems may occur.

At Timberwise we want to help you identify the different types of damp that can occur within a property and explain what damp treatments are available for each of these problems. You can alternatively contact our damp specialists on 0800 288 8660 or request a survey online where our team of specialists will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit.

Waterproofing and Tanking Membranes

At Timberwise we have a vast amount of experience in providing interior and external waterproofing solutions throughout the UK. Our team of experts and waterproofing specification specialists can provide the best waterproofing system designed to meet the requirements of you and your property.

Not only do we complete waterproofing projects successfully and provide systems to the highest standards but we also give customers our full technical support from the start to the end of the process. All our waterproofing systems also benefit from our 10 year Timberwise guarantee.

You can trust Timberwise to provide you with the right basement waterproofing systems to solve your damp basement problem. You can contact Timberwise by calling on 0800 288 8660 or you can request a survey online.

Woodworm Treatment

There are a number of wood-boring insects that attack timber in properties in the UK with the most common being the ‘Common Furniture Beetle’ (or to give its official name Anobium Punctatum) that attacks softwood.

Identifying which woodworm is present through a survey is extremely important as this determines what type of woodworm treatment is required to get rid of the woodworm from the property.

Once you have requested a woodworm survey, our team will then be able to guide you through the process, from identifying your needs as a customer to sending out one of our surveyors to inspect the infestation. Once our surveyor has paid you a visit, we will let you know what needs to be done, sending you a detailed report on what needs to be done.

Dry Rot Treatment

Dry rot can affect all kinds of timber from old or new domestic and commercial properties. This form of timber decay is increasingly a widespread concern for homeowners across the United Kingdom. If your dry rot problem isn’t treated promptly then dry rot can become a danger to you and your home.

Once dry rot has been identified within the property help is at hand, Timberwise will be able to alleviate any stress or concern you may have. By having a dry rot survey through Timberwise will be able to identify the full extent of the problem and determine whether further dry rot treatments are necessary.